Phoenix Suns: 8th Seed- A Prediction

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

(ed. note: posted on behalf of Poison Hands)

Don't call me a homer, I just happen to agree with the locker room.

Confidence, I like it. I was looking at some post game reaction by Goran Dragic. I saw something very interesting in the background. No, it wasn't BSOTS's Dave King tirelessly showing his dedication. No, it was the board on the wall titled PLAYOFF SITUATION.


You know what I like about it? Commitment. Confidence in their own commitment. They are going for the playoffs, and they believe in themselves.

They have pegged themselves as the eighth seed. It doesn't matter what the rest of the world says. It doesn't matter what the players and coaches read. It doesn't matter that we don't have any "All-Stars" in the line-up. It doesn't matter that a viable long term success tactic known as "tanking", makes total sense with the crop of players in the 2014 NBA Draft.

The only thing that matters are expectations. Not the expectations that everyone else has for them, but the expectations and standards they have set for themselves. I don't think they have expectations as far as win totals, but it is clear they do have expectations of the effort and hard work they will put in everyday this season. From what I've gathered so far, Jeff Hornacek doesn't care what your name is, or your history. He wants warriors out there, in tune with the here and now. Hard-nosed, high IQ players that will bring it for 48 minutes each game this season. I think he understands that the win totals will take care of themselves with the right balance of effort, determination, and shoulder chips. If he can find the correct recipe, this eighth seed revelation may come to fruition, and we may create a couple "All-Stars" along the way (either half of DragonBlade?).

This season will be exciting. Inside I am a homer, quietly thinking to myself that we are not what they say we are. On the outside, I respect the opinions of others, including some of our finest minds on this site, and don't engage too much in the debate. I could talk the talk, but since I am not in a position to walk their walk, I choose not to talk. I am confident these guys will take that walk for me, and am looking forward to saying "told you so", even if I only thought it...But I guess now I wrote it, so there.

Good luck this year Suns, see you in the playoffs.

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