My 2014 College Prospect Short List

Hello fellow BSotS readers. I don't know if you guys are as excited by the start of college basketball season as I am. I was mentally preparing for a bad season by the Suns and hyped myself up over the potential prospects we could add. Fortunately, the Suns are balling out of their minds right now, but that still doesn't mean the college season won't be fun.

The season kicks off with 2 great games, Michigan St-Kentucky and Duke-Kansas, and there should be plenty of prospects to watch out for.

Suns Draft Picks: For the sake of this FanPost, I am going to assume that the Suns get a top 10 pick, that the Wizards and T-wolves make the playoffs, and that Indy finishes with a bottom 5 pick.

Prospects (please watch DraftExpress Preseason scouting videos for more info):

1) Patric Young, PF, Florida: This guy can flat out defend. He's a little undersized at 6'9" but has a 7'0" wingspan. Solid P&R big man with athleticism, great rebounding, and great defense. Only problem is he is limited offensively but is an extremely hard worker.

2) Doug McDermott, SF/PF, Creighton: A favorite among many BSotS members. He is a lights out shooter who will help space the floor off the bench. Has limited athleticism but seems like a Channing Frye apprentice/future replacement. Has troubles generating space on jumpers and with his back-to-the-basket game. Very hard-worker as well.

3) Jahii Carson, PG, ASU: (I got a lot of information of Carson due to my ASU buddies/my hatred for ASU) Lightning quick. Seems like a perfect backup PG for a few years until he can take over the starting role in the future. A little undersized at 5'11" but has the athleticism and passing skills to make it work at PG. Will probably do a more in-depth scouting on Carson in the future.

4) Isiah Austin, C, Baylor: Athletic freak with good offensive skill set, including the ability to hit 3s. Lots of potential but needs to put on some muscle during this season and on. This season at Baylor should indicate if he has grown on the defensive and offensive end. Needs to become tougher as well.

5) Glenn Robinson III, SF, Michigan: Probably my favorite prospect outside the top 10. He has immense athleticism but this coming season will really show us how much RObinson has improved and will tell if he is a possible star in the making. He reminds me of a more polished Gerald Green at this point, with more potential.

And that's my short-list so far. Please feel free to add more prospects to this list. that you guys would like to see on the Suns. I am always looking for more players to scout/watch. In fact, I would love if this would be an open thread of sorts for college prospects.

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