So.....Who do you Have for your 30th pick

You wanna know something, I actually love late round picks. When it comes to the NBA we have had some

incredible players picked in late1st and even 2nd round. Guys like Dennis Rodman, Manu Ginobili, Rajon

Rondo,Carlos Boozer, Michael Redd (in the worst draft class in history), and give or take our very own Marcin Gortat.

While looking into this year draft as if you haven't known the phoenix suns lucked out of the 14 pick and dropped down to the last pick of the first round. But fear not suns fans I have been doing a lot of late night research and, there might be some sleepers to keep your eye on here's the two guys I would like to see the Suns pick at numero 30

Erick Green: PG From Virgina Tech

Stats: PPG: 25.0 APG: 3.8 RPG 4.0


I'm not gonna lie guys, I have absolutely no faith in Marshall and I think its time to cut our ties quickly. He is without of doubt D-League bound. He's too one dimensional and cannot contribute on any other way besides assist.

So I think Erick Green is perfect for the suns, He has very good speed and quickness, very good on the fast break and can take it to the rim or pull up jumper.

His Scoring Ability is obiviously his strong suit and folks I can't say enough, a player who can shoot off the dribble and can create space between him and the defender always a good vote for me. He can spot, and come off screen. He has a quick trigger release.

He also has very good ball-handler and despite his assist stats he's a pretty decent distributor most of them are off the pick and roll.

His Weakness are kind of a head scratcher for me particular with STRENTGH, as if Kevin Durant hasn't debunked this dubious myth, so I don't really worry that much he should develope in time.

The other is finishing at the rim and can he defend at a NBA Level? Again another head scratcher for me.

My guess as to why his Draft stock isn't higher has to be because of his Team W-L which last season was 13-19, therefore his leadership are questioned.

Although Dragic is undoubtedly our starting PG, he needs help from the bench, and a reliable back-up PG. And I think Erick Green would definitely help. But here's his DX Profile

Now onto my other choice

Lucas Nogueria

PPG: 4.6 RPG: 3.2 BPG: 1.0 (weak stats, due to limited playing time EURO Minutes per game 12.5)


Hm let's see here a Tall, Skinny Center with a cool Afro, I feel like we met before have we?

This Folks is Lucas Noguiera

Incredible Length and Athletic ability primarily on the Defensive End. If you look at his DX profile his Best Case is Marcus Camby....thats right....Marcus Camby! His worst case though is Hassan Whiteside, so with that in my mind he is a huge gamble. But c'mon a gamble with the 30th pick where your pick has potential and upside to be compared to Marcus Camby I would take that chance with no doubt.

Denfense is pretty much his strong suit and he is a pretty quick specimen for his size. He is a shot blocker and very able to protect the rim.

His Transition Play is pretty impressive, A center who is able to keep up with the fast break with big time energy .

To imagine with Oladipo, and Noguiera Lengthy defensive presence on the court....I mean scary right?

But then there are the weakness, Nogueria seems to already have a all-star mindset.....which means the word from the block is he's lazy. And therefore might not put in the much needed work to improve his offensive ability as well as adjusting to a NBA level. (This is where good and strict coaching comes in.)

Now he is projected to go 29th but give or take if the Heat don't win the Finals we might have a chance to land him.

Here's his highlight clips

So there you go suns fans those are the two I would like to see the Suns take with number 30

I would also like to know who would you pick? Crabbe, Bullock, Smith, or someone else.

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