Trey Burke and Trading for Youth

We're most likely going to pick #5. The possibility exists that the best player available will be the enormously talented PG from Michigan who almost carried the Wolverines to an NCAA title. We've fixated on Noel and Oladipo for good reason but may be disappointed when draft day rolls around and they are off the board. Should we be disappointed? No, it is very possible to rebuild behind another PG, especially one as adept at running an offense as Burke. Here is one path into the next stage of rebuilding.

1. Dragic + Haddadi for #6 + Jason Thompson
JT has been a reliable double-double player when given minutes. He's young as well, and a cheaper replacement than Gortat, who is likely to demand anywhere from $8-11M/yr depending on how he plays in this upcoming contract year.

Dragic is a PG on the cusp of an All-Star invitation. In terms of style of play, Dragic fits nicely next to Cousins. Dragic is so much bigger than Isaiah Thomas, so the Kings perimeter defense immediately improves after this deal.

2. Tucker + #30 for Ed Davis
Davis is a very promising young PF, learning behind Amir Johnson in Toronto and now Zach Randolph in Memphis. He's fierce on the glass and developing as a shot-blocker. Memphis has PFs Randolph and Darrell Arthur already signed beyond next season. Also, if Tony Allen decides to leave, PJ Tucker is a fine replacement. The Grizzlies defense would not falter all that much.

3. Dudley for Jeremy Lamb
The Thunder acquire a proven shooter and defender, the Suns get a young scorer who will need a few years to show his promise.

4. Gortat + Scola for Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass + future 1st rd pick
As a Suns fans, this would be almost entirely about the 1st rd pick.

Burke/Lamb/Marcus Morris/Davis/JT
Marshall/Lee/Beasley/Markieff Morris/Bass/Frye/Len

The Upside
* All those acquired should be able to hold their trade value over the next few years.

* Jeremy Lamb has done everything in Summer League and D-League to suggest he'll be a reliable scorer at the next level.

* Trey Burke looks like a very, very special player, he has an offensive awareness that rivals a 2-3rd year NBA PG.

* Unless Burke is the next Lillard, we'll be in the 2014 lottery mix a year from today.

* Ed Davis and Jason Thompson will never be featured on offense. But they have solid (if unspectacular) moves in the paint. Both can step out and hit the midrange jumper. Burke got post players involved at Michigan, we would have mobile bigs to make that possible here. More importantly, they'll hit the offensive glass like Gortat-Scola could not. Those 2nd chance opportunities would help Burke, Lamb and Frye on the perimeter.

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