Goran Dragić's interview, 18 may 2013

Christian Petersen

Goran gave some informations to the Slovenian audience about recent season in NBA and his predictions for Eurobasket, which will be held in Slovenia in September. There are some interesting points for fans, I assume. First, I thought to translate Q&A, but because of the copyright (Made by Primož Salmič, published in Ekipa), it's better to summarize. (Sorry for grammar mistakes.)

Goran thinks, that this was his best season, but in the NBA nothing is guaranteed for future, so he must always fight for his position - next season is new chapter for him. Statistically he had better performances in Huston, but it was just 20 games compared with 77 this year. He was warned about fluctuations – if you are a starter – and he thinks, he was the most constant player in the Suns team, so he is pleased with his performance. Actually, this was essential for him. He also enjoyed authorization from both coaches to play his own basket, to show his quality. He prefers this style over European, which resembles more on robot. But, on the other side, he also mentioned, that in Huston he knew all the time where his team-mates will be, where the action will end. In Phoenix he could never be sure about that. There were more fluctuations, less discipline. First lineup was relatively successful, but when changes began, everything went down.

He repeated old news about problem with the team chemistry. It was a lot of new young, talented players, but the team was not functioning as a team. He had good relationship with Scola, Fry, Dudley and at the end also with Johnson. But now he heard rumours, that only three or four old players will be retained.

He was in the contact with McDonnough. He was asked about his opinion about the future of the Suns, what would be good for them. As future Suns coach he would like to see Kevin McHale.

On coaches. Alvin was better for established players. He knew, when to give them off, all was more in the “communication level”, there were a lot of joking. But, this years team was different. They needed a coach like they were in former Yugoslavia [more dominant, aggressive]. And they got him in Hunter. He was more strict, they trained more. Obviously, he was more suitable for current roster, but Alvin was more experienced and led games better. They both had pluses and minuses.

He played better under Hunter, but he didn’t gave the reason. They both nurtured fast play – what he likes – although this year was a bit slower then previous. They had a lot of meetings, where they discussed about possible improvements. That is advantage of NBA comparing to Europe, where you get bad looks (minimal) from coach, if you are critical or you make just “suggestions”.

He likes golden State Wariors, because they have young players, also Memphis. But Miami will easily became champion :)

The other half is about Eurobasket and Slovene players.

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