2013 NBA Draft (Lottery Edition)


#1 Cleveland Cavaliers- Nerlens Noel (PF/C 6'11 206 pounds) Kentucky

Even though the Cavs are high on McLemore/Oladipo, and "need" a SF like Otto Porter, I think they ultimately end up taking the, potentially, best talent there is... Nerlens Noel. One of the worst defensive teams draft a defensive minded college star (pre injury) who is really long/athletic & has a really high motor.



#2 Orlando Magic- Ben McLemore (SG 6'5 189 pounds) Kansas

Yes, the Magic have Arron Afflalo locked up for 3 more years. and Yes, their biggest need is Point Guard... however, this is a situation where you can not draft based on Need, but rather, you take the best player available. Some Scouts predicting BMC to be the next "Ray Allen", the Magic can't go wrong picking a potential 20 ppg scorer when there are no Point Guards good enough to solidify the #2 pick. Ultimitely, Orlando ends up trading for a PG or riding out the year with Nelson starting.



#3 Washington Wizards- Anthony Bennett (SF/PF 6'8 240 pounds) UNLV

FIRST SURPRISE PICK! well, not really. John Wall recently stressed the need for a stretch 4 on the Washington Wizards, and the extremely long/athletically gifted Power Forward from UNLV is that, and more. In a weak draft like this, he's the type of people you take a chance on. Either he becomes a perennial all star for years to come, or he busts. Otto Porter is the safe pick, but I think the Wizards draft Bennett due to his extremely high ceiling.



#4 Charlotte Bobcats- Alex Len (C 7'1 255 pounds) Maryland

The injured Center goes pretty high, however, it is not shocking considering how weak this draft is, and the Bobcats' glaring need at C. With McLemore off the board, the Bobcats would have gladly taken Bennett... Yea, you know the story by now. Len is not a bad prospect, and although it could take a couple of years, he can end up being the best big man of this draft all together. Drafting a C most likely means Charlotte retains Gerald Henderson also.



#5 Phoenix Suns- VICTOR OLADIPO (SG 6'4 213 pounds) Indiana

GOD has been drafted by the Phoenix Suns!!!! naah jk , but really the Suns get the guy that they prayed had fallen to them. In my opinion, Victor Oladipo ends up being the best player taken out of this draft and Phoenix is lucky enough to have drafted the defensively gifted, ultra athletic, massivelty strong shooting guard out of Indiana. The Suns should be satisfied with this pick, as he will be the most hyped rookie in Phoenix since Amare Stoudemire.





#6 New Orleans Pelicans- Otto Porter Jr (SF 6'9 197 pounds) Georgetown

Finally, someone who potentially could have gotten picked #1 , gets drafted at #6 to a team who is crying tears of joy that he fell to them. The Pelicans need a SF as Al Farouq Aminu is not the answer. A team boastin Anthony Davis, Eric Gordon, and Otto Porter has the potential to become a playoff team as soon as next year. Otto Porter can do it all, nothing particulary special, but does a little bit of everything.



#7 Sacramento Kings- Trey Burke (PG 6'1 187 pounds) Michigan

The top PG in the draft finally gets picked, and while the Kings arent the most attractive place for rookies to go and play, new Ownership & Management should have Trey Burke excited to go lead that team. A natural born leader, Burke can go to sacramento and immediatly become the locker room good guy, the on court "voice" and most importantly, start what the kings hope will be a dynamic duo for years to come in Trey Burke and Demarcus Cousins.



#8 Detroit Pistons- Shabazz Muhammad (SG/SF 6'6 221 pounds) UCLA

If you told Pistons fans in 2012 that they would be the team drafting Shabazz Muhammad, their fan base would go BESERK! Things have changed havent they? After a rather non impressive season at UCLA and the "age scandal", Muhammad has really DROPPED down draft boards, and heck, he can even fall out of the lottery. However he still has the ceiling of a Paul Pierce type of player. At worst, he can be an OJ Mayo type 6th man. The Pistons, already having their PG, PF, and C of the future take, what they hope to be their SF of the future.



#9 Minnesota Timberwolves- CJ McCollum (SG 6'3 197 pounds) Lehigh

The T-Wolves NEED shooting. Anyone who can shoot would be a help to this team, which is why I expect them to try and trade for McLemore. However for now, I see them draftin the combo guard from Lehigh. McCollum stayed all 4 years in school and made one thing clear, he can flat out shoot the ball. Although he may not be able to play PG, and may be a little short to be a starting SG in this league, I can see him having a huge impact throughout his career in a "Jason Terry" type role. A great 6th man, who can start if needed.



#10 Portland Trailblazers- Cody Zeller (PF/C 7'0 230 pounds) Indiana

The Blazers are "set" at every position, however that does not mean they are satisfied with every position. Drafting a Center might not make sense with the drafting of Meyers Leonard last year, but a potential top 3 pick earlier in the year, falling to #10 is too good to pass up. I ultimetly see them trading this pick, to none other than the Phoenix Suns, but either way I see Zeller going #10. The big man is really athletic and has a nice shooting touch.



#11 Philidelphia 76ers- Kentavius Caldwell-Pope (SG 6'5 203 pounds) Georgia

KCP is a late riser in this years draft but come draft day, everybody will be aware of his name. He put up some pretty big numbers at Georgia and can hold his own on the defesnive end. He would be a nice back up plan for Philly when they finally give up on their Evan Turner project.... YIKES haha



#12 Oklahoma City Thunder- Rudy Gobert (C 7'2 237 pounds) France

Oklahoma City has a need for bench scoring/ a third playmaker after losing Harden last year. The problem is, there is none worthy of being drafted at this position. With that said, OKC should draft FREAKISHLY LONG center from France, Rudy Gobert. This man is a DEFENSIVE freak. 7'9 wingspan. 9'7 standing reach. Enough Said.



#13 Dallas Mavericks- Michael Carter-Williams (PG 6'6 184 pounds) Syracuse

MCW can go as high as #7 and the Mavs should be exstatic he falls to #13. He is EXTREMELY tall for a PG, which worries me, but it also has its pros. He should easily be able to see over his defender which will make him a better passer. He should be able to score easier on shorter guards. he can also be a good defensive player when he wants too. In the end, I see this pick being traded but if kept, the Mavs should have a servicable PG of the future.



#14 Utah Jazz- Dennis Schroeder (PG 6'2 164 pounds) Germany

The Utah Jazz could be looking at a potential rebuild for the next few years. With Al Jefferson & Paul Millsap being UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS, both could possibly leave Utah for nothing. However, they are set at PF & C with Favors and Kanter. Where they aren't set is PG... they need a PG and Schroeder is already being compared to Rajon Rondo. If the Jazz can draft even a shell of Rajon Rondo with the 14th pick in a weak draft, they should be ecstatic!



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