What does it mean to be a Suns faithful?

We've all read the reports out of Miami regarding the "Heat faithful" leaving the arena before the final buzzer of game 6, then begging to come back in once the game unexpectedly went to overtime. Everyone seems to acknowledge that something is wrong with that scenario. It comes off as anything but "faithful".

I was fortunate enough to attend several games this year here in Phoenix. While I remember some folks would start working their way toward the exit when we were down with a few minutes left in the fourth quarter, I don't recall any kind of mass exodus.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the difference between leaving early in Game 6 of the Finals and leaving early in a meaningless mid-season game played between two lottery bound teams. But that's kind of my point.

I believe Suns fans are truly faithful.

We have faith in our community of fans and we have faith in the organization itself. Sure, we doubt Robert Sarver's abilities as an owner, we doubt Blanks will ever work in basketball again, we may worry about McD panning out as hoped or Lon Babby earning his extension but at the end of the day we know we have a great franchise that has always valued character, effort, and accountability.

We know we may suck right now but we have faith that won't always be the case.

This isn't a very well written piece and maybe my point is getting lost in the jumbled together thoughts but my question to you is why are we faithful? Are we regionally inclined to be better fans or does the organization go out of its way to support its fan base? Is it us or is it the team? Is it the history or is it the promise of a bright future? Or... Am I completely wrong and we actually have very little faith in the Suns...?

My perspective is that the organization goes above and beyond to foster it's relationship with the fans through thick and thin. In fact, one of the games I went to this year I bought tickets on StubHub at the last minute. I printed them out and went to the arena and, low and behold, my tickets wouldn't scan and I was stuck outside. The tickets I bought had already been used by someone else to enter the arena. Apparently this is a big issue with StubHub but that's beside the point. It wasn't on the Suns to fix the issue but they took it upon themselves to get my family into the game. I showed them my receipt, proving I wasn't trying to scam anybody and they quickly issued me a set of tickets (actually better seats even) and got us into the game at no additional charge. I was lucky it happened this year and not at a max capacity 07-08 game but they saw the opportunity to help a fan out and they did it.

What are your thoughts? Do the Suns foster a great relationship with their fans or do we privilege the Suns with our excellent fanliness?

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