Last Mock

My last shot at a mock

I have been keeping an eye on mocks and such, putting together a tiered list of prospects that look like they are similarly rated on people's boards and look likely to be picked, with a dash of my own opinion thrown in here and there. I've included it below. I should give credit to the various mocks posted by Chad Ford and Kris Habbas, with a sprinkle of mocks and bits of information coming from a lot of SBNation blogs. I then went about drafting players using a combinations of the tiers and a team's needs, based off of this article:

The tiers are my own creation, but I don't think they are terribly off (though they diverge from Kris' as you get into the 2nd round; but everyone knows after about pick 40 the draft is a crapshoot as far as predictions go).

Tier 1: Noel, Len, McLemore, Oladipo, Porter

Tier 2: Bennet, McCollum, Burke, Caldwell-Pope

Tier 3: Zeller, Olynyk, Karasev, Carter-Williams, Shabazz, Larkin, Schroeder

Tier 4: Canaan, Bullock, Crabbe, Mitchell, Giannis, Snell, Dieng, Gobert, Nogeuira, Plumlee

Tier 5: Hardaway Jr., Ledo, Franklin, Wolters, Rice Jr., Goodwin, Pierre Jackson, Erick Green, Jean-Charles, Roberson, CJ Leslie, Withey, Muscala, Carmichael

Tier 6: James Ennis, Jerrett, Adonis Thomas, Todorovic, Dubljevic, Solomon Hill, Paranhos, DJ Stephens, Iverson, Chikoko, Abrines, McCallum, Nedovic, Lima, Lorenzo Brown, Kabongo, Kelly, James Southerland, Lypovy

Based on no trades happening, though I considered the Mavicks/Cavs trade happening. For the first round pick, however, I'm not sure it makes a huge difference, so I didn't include it.

1.) Otto Porter, F, Georgetown (Cavaliers)

2.) Nerlens Noel, C, Kentucky (Magic)

3.) Alex Len, C, Maryland (Wizards)

4.) Victor Oladipo, G, Indiana (Bobcats) (because Jordan does what he wants)

5.) Ben McLemore, G, Kansas (Suns)

6.) Trey Burke, G, Michigan (Pelicans)

7.) Anthony Bennett, F, UNLV (Kings)

8.) CJ McCollum, G, Lehigh (Pistons)

9.) Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, G, Georgia (Timberwolves)

10.) Cody Zeller, F/C, Indiana (Trail Blazers)

11.) Steven Adams, C, Pitt (76ers)

12.) Shabazz Muhammad, G/F, UCLA (Thunder)

13.) Sergey Karasev, F, Russia (Mavericks) (if traded, also the most likely pick)

14.) Michael Carter-Williams, PG, Syracuse (Jazz)

15.) Dennis Schroeder, PG, Germany (Bucks)

16.) Kelly Olynyk, F/C, Gonzaga (Celtics)

17.) Giannis Antetokounmpo, F, Greece (Hawks) (**NOTE: first break from tiers, as Shane Larkin remains undrafted)

18.) Lucas Nogueira, C, Brazil (Hawks)

19.) Mason Plumlee, C, Duke (Cavaliers)

20.) Reggie Bullock, G/F, UNC (Bulls)

21.) Rudy Gobert, C, france (Jazz)

22.) Shane Larkin, G, Miami (Nets) (Watson expected to opt out)

23.) Isaiah Canaan, G, Murray State (Pacers)

24.) Tony Mitchell, F, North Texas (Knicks)

25.) Gorgui Dieng, C, Louisville (Clippers)

26.) Tony Snell, G/F, UNM (Timberwolves)

27.) Allen Crabbe, G, California (Nuggets) (Iggy Insurance)

28.) Jamaal Franklin, G/F, SDSU (Spurs)

29.) Jeff Withey, C, Kansas (Thunder)

30.) Glen Rice Jr, G/F, Rio Grande Valley Vipers (Suns)

2nd Round (at this point the tiers may break down a little, as the difference between 5 and 6 can be overcome by need or convenience, with international players in draft and stash scenarios)

31.) Tim Hardaway Jr, G/F, Michigan (Cavaliers)

32.) Alex Abrines, G, Spain (Thunder) (draft and stash at position of need; breakdown of tiers)

33.) Mike Muscala, F/C, Bucknell (Cavaliers)

34.) Livio Jean-Charles, F, France (Rockets) (draft and stash candidate, long term, fits potential need)

35.) Ricardo Ledo, G, Providence (76ers)

36.) Erick Green, G, Virginia Tech (Kings)

37.) Nate Wolters, G, South Dakota State (Pistons) (Calderon replacement)

38.) Pierre Jackson, G, Baylor (Wizards)

39) Jackie Carmichael, F, Illinois State (Trail Blazers)

40.) Marko Todorovic, F, Serbia (Trail Blazers) (draft and stash; breakdown of tiers)

41.) Andre Roberson, F, Colorado (Grizzlies)

42.) CJ Leslie, F, NC State (76ers)

43.) Archie Goodwin, G, Kentucky (Bucks)

44.) Nemanja Nedovic, G, Serbia (Mavericks)

45.) Bojan Dubljevic, F, Serbia (Blazers)

46.) Grant Jerrett, F, Arizona (Jazz)

47.) Colton Iverson, C, Colorado State (Hawks)

48.) Ray McCallum, G, Detroit (Lakers) (this could literally be ANY position...)

49.) Alexandre Paranhos, G, Brazil (Bulls) (putting my money on Chad Ford being correct, here)

50.) Augusto Lima, PF/C, Brazil (Hawks)

51.) Myck Kabongo, PG, Texas (Magic)

52.) Adonis Thomas, F, Memphis (Timberwolves)

53.) Ryan Kelly, F/C, Duke (Pacers)

54.) James Southerland, F, NC State (Wizards)

55.) Brandon Davies, F, BYU (Grizzlies)

56.) D.J. Stephens, G/F, Memphis (Grizzlies)

57.) Solomon Hill, F, Arizona (Suns) (alright, so I'm a little bit of a homer, but he DID work out for us...)

58.) Oleksandr Lypovy, F, Ukraine (Spurs)

59.) Kenny Kadji, F/C, Miami (Timberwolves)

60.) James Ennis, F, Long Beach State (Memphis) (I think this is a major steal; he isn't predicted to be drafted in most mocks, but he is a statistically really attractive pick, and if he's still here I don't think Hollinger let's him go)

We'll see tomorrow. I'm excited all around, I like the second half of the draft a little better almost because there seems to be slightly more mystery and uncertainty there. Hope it was kind of fun to read.

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