Day-of Mock Draft

I'm primarily doing this so I can compare my own take to what actually happens, but I figure it makes for good entertainment for the rest of you as well. My take on how this unfolds:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Otto Porter

Cleveland strikes out on trading for a star frontcourt player who can stretch the court, as Minnesota (Love) and New Orleans (Anderson) aren't interested in trading theirs, and the other two premier such players (Nowitzski, Garnett) have no-trade clauses that say they don't have to move to Cleveland. So they take the Porter, the most polished of the top players, in a bid to win now,.

2. Orlando Magic - Nerlens Noel

Based on interviews given at the Draft Lottery, the Magic were hoping for a new franchise big man to build around, following in the model of Shaq and Dwight. Since he's there at #2, they take him.

3. Sacramento Kings (from Washington) - Victor Oladipo

In my fantasy world, Porter is off the board, so the Wizards trade this pick for Patrick Patterson and the #7 pick. The Wizards biggest need is a forward who can space the floor, and Patterson brings them a roleplayer who can do that, plus they still get the #7 pick.

4. Charlotte Bobcats - Ben McLemore

Charlotte needs a scorer. McLemore is a scorer, and the BPA. Gerald Henderson isn't good enough to stand in the way of this pick.

5. Philadelphia 76ers (from Phoenix) - Alex Len

With neither SG falling to them, Phoenix instead decided to trade down for someone else they like, netting the #11 pick and Evan Turner for the #5. The Sixers select Alex Len, the consensus BPA at this spot, to fill in the Bynum-shaped hole in the middle of their team.

6. NOLA Pelicans - Trey Burke

NOLA wants someone young to pair with Anthony, and Burke looks like the building block for the future here.

7. Washington Wizards (from Sacramento) - Anthony Bennett

Washington trades back, gets the player they really wanted anyway, and picks up an asset in the process.

8. Detroit Pistons - CJ McCollum

The Pistons love/hate relationship with combo guards continues...

9. Minnesota Timberwolves - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Minnesota fills their need for a shooting guard who can actually shoot with one of the best players still available.

10. Portland Trailblazers - Cody Zeller

Portland ownership is tired of project centers and the Blazers need frontcourt help right away, but haven't given up on Meyers Leonard yet.

11. Phoenix Suns (from Philadelphia) - Michael Carter-Williams

With both premier SG's off the table, the Suns address their wing issues by acquiring Evan Turner from the Sixers, and using this pick on the kind of long combo guard that new GM McDonough has always favored.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder - Steven Adams

With Serge Ibaka ably filling the role of shotblocker, the Thunder prepare for the eventuality of unloading frontcourt bruiser Perkins by selecting someone just as big to body up to the Duncan's and Randolph's of the world.

13. Dallas Mavericks (picking for Phoenix) - Kelly Olynyk

Dallas unloads Vince Carter's contract back to the Suns for non-guaranteed contracts and cap relief and the Suns get the #13 pick in the salary dump. The Suns for their part grab a big man to run and shoot in an up-tempo offense. The CTLVCOF is re-born. The trade is a promised deal, to be executed after July 1st (when the Suns have capspace).

14. Utah Jazz - Dennis Schroeder

The Jazz need a PG in the worst way, and are scared off by Shane Larkin's size, or lack thereof.

15. Milwaukee Bucks - Reggie Bullock

Milwaukee adds a much-needed shooter to their rotation to try and make some space on the court for Brandon Jennings to go to work.

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