BSOTS Mock Draft: Spurs War Room

The first thing I did as GM of the San Antonio Spurs was add someone with more knowledge of the team than myself to my front office, my friend the Spurs fan. I picked his brain to assess the team and it's needs. We came to the conclusion that this is a championship caliber team that needs little tweaking. We discussed the team's needs and came away with a few conclusions, we didn't want Manu back, the need to add another big to learn from, develop, and eventually take over for Duncan in a couple years, and a backup ball handler.

Now comes preparing for the draft. Since we are still making a legit run at a title, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Kawhi Leonard weren't going anywhere, which made our best trade asset SG Danny Green. Green is your typical 3-D player (good outside shooter, solid defender), but not the best ball handler. With his solid performance in the finals, his stock is as high as it's going to get. In this draft, you can grab the same type of player at #28, so the decision was made to use Green to get another pick, somewhere in the teens to get a big. The targets were Steven Adams or Rudy Gobert.

After talking with teams over the weekend, we were finally able to make a deal the night before the draft. We ended up trading Danny Green and Nando De Colo for #17, #57, and Michael Beasley.

I know Beasley hasn't done much good in this league to date, but he is young and the potential is there. One thing I thought about is what types of teams has he been on? He's been on crappy teams with little leadership. Now, he has the chance to see how things should be, with real leaders such as Duncan and Popovich to guide him. If he can't seem to unlock his potential in this environment, an environment that gets results developing younger players, then we will amnesty his rear to the curb and move on.

We then were hoping to move up a couple spots from 28 to have a better chance of getting our main SG target to replace Green, Ricky Ledo, using #'s 57 and 58 in the 2nd round, but nobody seemed real interested in picks for a mock draft that won't go in the 2nd round. So we stayed at 28. Our targets there were, Ledo, Tim Hardaway Jr, Glenn Rice Jr, and Allen Crabbe. And if all those SG's were gone, that meant PG Nate Wolters probably would be there still and he'd be the pick.

Now to the draft, we were really hoping Adams made it to us at 17, but he was gone two picks before us. When it was our turn, Gobert was the pick. Gobert is an enormous man, 7-2 with a 7-9 wingspan and a 9-7 standing reach. He lacks strength and gets pushed around, so hopefully he works hard on getting stronger. He has good mobility, an elite shot blocker, and a good offensive rebounder. He has hardly any offensive game whatsoever, but he is a decent free throw shooter. All in all, he is very raw and needs to develop, but he has monster potential. Plus, he's French, and should fit in nicely with Tony Parker and Boris Diaw, right?

As the #28 came to us, most of our targets were gone, leaving Crabbe and Wolters. In the end, we decided to go with our original plan and get our 3-D SG. Crabbe is a terrific shooter with the ability to play solid defense.

We still have picks 57 and 58 as well as free agency to add another ball handler

In conclusion, we feel we are still legit title contenders this coming season, and have laid the groundwork and added pieces that have the potential to keep our success going for years to come.

--San Antonio Spurs GM

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