Marcin Gortat not on the block yet

On draft night a bunch of us were mentally ready to see Marcin Gortat (29) and Jared Dudley (28)leave the valley for young exciting players, however that was not the case and Suns GM Ryan has talked about why we are keeping Gortat for now.

We’re not looking to move him,” Suns general manager Ryan McDonough told Arizona Sports 620′s Burns and Gambo Friday. “As you guys I’m sure know, Alex had foot surgery, and he’s not ready to play.

“Marcin is one of our best players here. He’s a core guy for us. He is one of the more athletic bigs in the league, he screens, he rolls, he finishes and he blocks shots.”

You know story, Gortat came from a trade during the Blanks/Babby tenure as two others well beloved players Vince Carter and Mikael Pitrus. The guy really found home next to canadian star Steve Nash but concerns arrise when the two time MVP got traded about how much real value Gortat, some of us believe he was mirage of him. Gortat response to that with a solid season yet posting worse numbers.

11-12 PHX 66 66 32.0 0.555 0.000 0.649 2.8 7.2 10.0 0.9 0.7 1.5 1.36 2.15 15.4
12-13 PHX 61 61 30.8 0.521 0.000 0.652 2.1 6.4 8.5 1.2 0.7 1.6 1.62 2.08


Every single category took a step back except shot blocking and sadly TOs. And you can point there is just not one reason but many why Gortat effeciency diminish, maybe it was Michael Beasley disruptive gamestyle, the awkawrd chemistry between Dragic and Gortat on court, maybe the effort wasnt there given that we were experiencing one of the wost season the Suns ever had. Whatever the reason it was clear we the Suns suck/ed really hard.

However we had pieces coming into draft night to speed up this rebuilding process yet we failed didn't move Gortat or Dudley, or maybe even Dragic and drafted an injured Center and inconsistent SG and we picked a body with the 57th pick, now i know this is possibly the worst way to look at it but it is true.

I think we are going to endure the worst season the Phoenix Suns will ever had go through next season, starting yet again Michael Beasley or Mook Morris, playing big minutes Markieff and Kendall is expected to have a bigger roll, and i can't see any upside on trying to get a 8th seed or play Dudley/Marcin. Neither of those guys is going to get any better in contrast to Dragic who still has room to grow IMO, also those same two will hurt our draft position next year, a draft that is supposed to be hypermegadeep. Aside from this NOLA Pelicans just got substantially better with the acquisition of all star Jrue Holiday for 2014 pick and the guy we didn't care to pick Nerlens Noel, same for Minny/Cleveland/Washington. We are stuck in the top 3 worst team of the league with Charlotte/Orlando and both teams have a much much brighter future than us. Orlando is looking in great shape right now. Lol just kidding Charlotte.

Wether Len is hurt or not to play right away is ok, if he was McD guy i will trust him and give him the chance to prove himself right but to keep Gortat is not the answer, he'll be 30 next season and by the time we assemble a core worth of a decent playoff run he might not be on the best side of 30, you can also add that Marcin wont be willing to play his last good years in a team that is going to draft top 5 for a while without us overpaying him. As for Dudley i can understand he is a wing player on a really good contract and he is not going to command too much money anyway, he will still be useful in 3-5 years because his game is not flashy, he is more like a good wine which gets better with age, but i can't help to feel frustrated that we didn't pick up Tim Hardway Jr/Shabazz or any other players that we could at least look up to instead but a trade is still very possible, i guess.

We could had brought any vet player to replace Marcin absence if we had trade him. I am hoping for a trade rather sooner than later but hopefully we won't end up losing him on FA or overpaying him. My take from all of this? We are tanking for 2014 and Gortat is going to be trade before FA, that's got to be the answer.

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