We Need Eric Gordon

There are never many opportunities for a smaller market team like the Suns to get a star. We're not a super-attractive destination, we have an owner that frankly stopped knowing what he was doing when he let Joe Johnson walk, and we are in a young division featuring the Lakers and young teams that are on the rise. Sure the Lakers are looking bad right now, but they will mostly likely land a star next year in free agency and retool extremely fast.

With all that being said, the Suns need to trade for Eric Gordon. He is 24 years old and under contract for multiple years. While his contract is indeed rather large, he has the talent to be a second-tier star in this league. While he does have these knee problems, people seem to forget we have arguably the best medical staff in the league, and knees seem to be one of their specialties.

Now I know what you're thinking, we already have Goran and Eric Bledsoe, why would we add Gordon to that logjam? Because I think we need to trade Goran Dragic. Yes he is a fan favorite, yes he is really the new face of this franchise at the moment, which is a sad statement in itself, considering he's been a starter in the NBA for all of 1 and a half seasons. But he is 26 years old, he is being paid $8 million to be a solid starter, not an All-Star by any means, but not a flop either. And he does not have the talent around him to play at the highest level he can, nor do I think he ever will while in Phoenix, at least not while he's still in his prime. I personally love watching him play, and I would not say trade him unless it was for an All-Star caliber player like Gordon.

Now I also know the Hornets don't need a PG, so for this to work it would have to be a 3-team deal. There are several possibilities here, so I'll break down each trade possibility individually.

Scenario 1:

Suns get Eric Gordon from New Orleans

Hornets get Amare Stoudemire from New York, 2015 1st Round Pick from Phoenix

Knicks get Goran Dragic and Shannon Brown from Phoenix, Jason Smith from New Orleans

Why this works for every team:

Phoenix gets a young star to pair with Bledsoe who can shoot the 3 and get to the rim. He also plays solid defense and will stretch the floor and give Bledsoe room to penetrate and kick out.

New Orleans gets an experienced, scoring big man to pair with Anthony Davis. He or Davis can play either the 4 or the 5 depending on matchups that night, and this also allows Ryan Anderson to come off the bench and score for the second unit. Stat is a leader vocally and provides them with much needed muscle inside. They also receive a first rounder from the Suns for 2015.

New York gets an up-tempo PG who can take some pressure of Melo, if Melo lets him that is, much like Jeremy Lin did in his short stint with the Knicks. They also get a high-energy, high-flighing SG off the bench with Brown, who will be rejuvenated in his new locale and will be pumped up under the spotlight of New York. Plus they get Jason Smith from New Orleans, and while it would be more of a salary dump he actually does give the Knicks more 3 point shooting if Bargnani gets injured or sucks more than usual. Plus they finally get rid of Amare’s huge contract, and they can move on from the failed Amare/Melo tandem that leaves the ball stagnant and the offense a train-wreck. This allows the Knicks to play Melo at the 4 offensively, and makes it so J.R. Smith can be the main offense off the bench.

Scenario 2:

Suns get Eric Gordon from New Orleans, 2014 2nd Round Pick from Orlando and Cash Considerations

Hornets get Jameer Nelson from Orlando, Marcin Gortat from Phoenix

Magic get Goran Dragic from Phoenix, Xavier Henry from New Orleans

Why this works for every team:

Phoenix once again gets a young star to pair with Bledsoe, plus a second round pick and some cash.

New Orleans gets a solid center in Gortat to make a formidable defensive frontcourt with Gortat, Davis and presumably Al-Farouq Aminu. They also get an experienced veteran PG with Nelson who can lead their young bench group and give them needed leadership. He also could allow Jrue Holiday to slide over to the 2 and Evans to the 3 to go small in certain situations.

Orlando gets a younger, yet experienced PG in Dragic that allows them to play up-tempo and gives them an aggressive defensive backcourt with Dragic and Arron Afflalo. They also get another young wingman in Henry to team with their young core of Vucevic, Harris, and Harkless.

Scenario 3:

Suns get Eric Gordon from New Orleans, Anthony Randolph and 2014 2nd Round Pick from Denver

Hornets get Wilson Chandler and Javale McGee from Denver, Marcus Morris from Phoenix

Nuggets get Goran Dragic and Marcin Gortat from Phoenix, Ryan Anderson from New Orleans

Why this works for every team:

Phoenix not only gets Gordon, they get another young big man that’s cheap with a lot of potential and a second round pick. This scenario would force Markieff Morris to play back-up center, but personally I think he has the body and the strength to do it.

New Orleans gets an all-around solid SF in Chandler that can score, rebound and defend. Plus they get a high-fligher at C in McGee that gives them probably the wiriest and perhaps scariest defensive frontcourt in basketball. Davis and McGee are shot-blocking machines, and Chandler has the strength and size to match-up with most PF’s, let alone most SF’s in the league. They also get a frontcourt shooter to replace Anderson in Marcus Morris, who can provide some offense and energy at the 4 or the 3.

The Nuggets want to do one thing, and that’s run. The addition of Dragic helps them do that even more. They have a hole at SG since they lost Iguodala, as Randy Foye is not a very good starting-caliber SG. Enter Goran Dragic, who can get out on the break as the off-ball guard and push in transition, not to mention he’s more than adequate from 3 point range. This trade also allows Denver to start Danilo Gallinari and not have him split minutes with Chandler. The Nuggets also get Gortat to bolster their frontcourt, and while he’s not as athletic as McGee he can still get up and down the court. He also gives them a veteran presence up front to help their younger players along. Ryan Anderson gives them a dead-eye from 3 off the bench for the rare occasions they don’t run. He’s a defensive liability, but the Nuggets can easily go out and get a defensive big man like a Samuel Dalembert or even have New Orleans throw in Louis Amundson in the deal.

And finally…

Scenario 4:

Suns get Eric Gordon from New Orleans, D.J. Augustin from Indiana

Hornets get Roy Hibbert and Danny Granger from Indiana, Kendall Marshall from Phoenix

Pacers get Goran Dragic and Marcin Gortat from Phoenix, Ryan Anderson and 2015 1st Round Pick from New Orleans

Why this works for every team:

Phoenix gets Gordon and D.J. Augustin to run the point off the bench with Marshall sent away as part of the deal. He gives them 3 point shooting and speed at the point to give Archie Goodwin more room to drive, much as Gordon would do for Bledsoe.

New Orleans gets a scorer in Danny Granger on an expiring contract and an established big man in Hibbert, letting Davis play the 4 and once again giving New Orleans a formidable defensive frontcourt. They also get a young point guard in Marshall who will take the pressure off Austin Rivers.

Indiana gets a true PG who can run the offense and still gives them the defensive intensity they want in Dragic. This also allows for them to play Paul George at the more natural 3 instead of at SG, where they can start Lance Stephenson or George Hill depending on the opponent’s lineup. And in Gortat they get a replacement to losing Hibbert who can still defend well and also gives them a little more offense. Plus they get Ryan Anderson for scoring off the bench and someone to replace the loss of Tyler Hansbrough. This trade does weaken the Pacers defense a little, but it greatly improves the offense to make up for the few extra points given up, and it gives them more players who can score in the playoffs against the likes of the Bulls and the Heat.

While these trades may not happen, the Suns would be wise to look at situations like this and consider trading Dragic away in order to get Gordon. The last young SG the Suns had an opportunity to get and missed out on was a guy by the name of Harden, and Harden just convinced the best center in the league to come join him in Houston. The Suns can’t afford to make the same mistake again with Gordon, who in the right situation and fully healthy can become a top scorer in the league. The Suns rebuilding process won’t happen overnight, but acquiring a young asset like Gordon would certainly put them on the right track.

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