Gortat Trade?

First time poster, long time reader. Huge Suns fan (all AZ teams actually) and I've been playing amatuer GM for a while now and try to come up with trades that benefit every party involved not just video game trades (Durant for a bag of chips and an expiring contract). So here is one that could help three teams and seems to be relatively balanced.

Clippers get

C - Marcin Gortat (7.7mil)

PF/SF - Markieff Morris (2 mil/ 3mil TO/ 4.1mil QO)

SF/PF - Marcus Morris (2 mil/ 3mil TO/ 4.1mil QO)

Thunder get

C - DeAndre Jordan (11mil / 11.4mil)

PG - Kendall Marshall (2mil / 2.1 TO / 3mil TO / 4.1 QO)

Suns get

C.PF - Kendrick Perkins (9mil / 9.6mil)

C - Steven Adams (2mil / . . . rookie scale for 3 more yrs)

SF - Reggie Bullock (1.1mil . . . rookie scale for 3 more yrs)

How does this help the Clippers?

Well they get a starting caliber center in Gortat who can run the floor well and is considered a top 10 NBA player at his position. He can open the lane with his 15 footer when Paul and Griffin do their pick and role thing. He would probably sign for a deal similar to D. Jordan's and maybe a little less next year on an extension or they could do a sign and trade to acquire assets.

They also get two solid bench guys with tons of potential in the Morris twins. Byron Mullens is their current PF backup, so Kief makes that spot better. And with Marcus able to play both forward positions this allows Doc Rivers some flexibility.

How does this help the Thunder?

The Thunder get out of Perkins contract, which if healthy wouldn't be terrible but that is just not his forte, and they receive an up and coming young center in Jordan (25 years old), who was just asked to join the USA basketball team in Vegas.

They also get in Kendall Marshall a possible backup PG who buys himself a little time to impress another team. And worse comes to worst, the Thunder can just not pick up his option next year.

How does this help the Suns?

The Suns get a couple interesting first rounders from this years draft in Bullock and Adams as well as a starting center in Perkins to allow Len to ease into the season. Plus McDonough knows Perkins from his days in Boston so he knows what he's getting.

. Bullock could back up Butler and see some serious time due to his 3 point shooting ability and his 6'10" wingspan.

Adams is very raw offensively but a solid defender and above average offensive rebounder. He runs the floor well and his potential is extremely high.

This would give the Suns 4 1st rounders form this years draft. And although I know this draft was considered "god awful" by some, I see the potential of these young guys as contributors in the near future. These trades also do not make us better this year so that draft pick in next years draft should still be high.

So I'm curious what you guys think. Draft picks could be thrown in or the Thunders 7mil trade exception but this was what I came up with. This is my first post so be gentle.

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