April 17, 2013.. a day that will live in History?

April 17, 2013

I remember that day well. As I sat down to watch basketball that evening we needed two things to happen. The Jazz needed to win, the Lakers needed to lose and we would be securing our second lottery pick from the Nash trade and riding into the draft with assets abound. I'll admit I was giddy with excitement, and couldn't wait to gloat at work the next day when we took the Lakers lottery pick.

I felt we were OWED this. With Nash leaving and all the drama surrounding the trade, it seemed almost perfect that the Lakers would falter and we would be rewarded with another high pick to accelerate our rebuild. At least that was how I felt. Too bad as always with the Suns fate turned the other way and you know what happened.

Utah got crushed, making the Lakers nail-biting OT win over Houston moot. I was not a happy camper that night knowing how close we were to grabbing two impact players in the 2013 draft. Now we would be stuck with pick 30 and get nothing in return. Same old suns luck.. we get screwed again! Or so I thought.

Enter Archie

I was watching the draft, still processing our Alex Len pick when I heard about the trade. The Suns moved up one spot? Who are we getting? It was confusing at the time. Eventually the dust settled and we knew we had gotten Archie Goodwin, a young raw 18 year old from Kentucky.

I remembered him for the college season, and immediately went to YouTube and saw a few highlights and felt genuinely excited. I thought it was a reach, but decent value maybe for a late first rounder. "He's only 18.. he's a few years away but that's ok.".. Or so I thought.

Summer League 2013 A legend is born

The Summer Suns got off to a great start, and played some good basketball. The twins, PJ and the hopefuls all did their part to solidify their spots with the team or try to impress others. Archie on the other hand did something else all together. He took over. He dominated in a way I don't think any of us expected. He made amazing defensive plays, shot well from distance, got in the lane.. got to the line and blew my mind. He played above the rim on both ends. He captured the attention of the league, and many writers and personalities who cover it. I have read many pieces claiming the Suns have their star of the future and the steal of the 2013 draft.

He has become a cult icon here on Bright Side and with Suns fans in general. It's crazy how we are so hyped over our poor luck Lakers pick more so than our own high lottery pick. (Sorry Alex, gotta get on the floor)

So the big question is this. If Archie keeps this up and develops into the star we all think he can be, do we look back on that night the Lakers squeaked into the playoffs as a blessing? I don't know about you, but I'd rather have Archie than someone like Shabazz. This is they type of player we probably would have been looking at if the Lakers ended up in the lottery. I know McD would have potentially spun that into more assets, but as is I think things worked out for the best. We got our new GM.. he got us Archie. The rest as they say.. could be history? Here's to hoping.

All I know is I'm excited to get my new look Suns jersey, and it's gonna have Goodwin on the back.

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