Dragic + Gortat for Henson and mid 1st rounder

Hey guys, first trade try. Tell me your honest thoughts :)

Suns get: Protected top 10 pick from Mavericks, John Henson, Epke Udoh

Mavericks get: Gortat and Ridnour

Magic get: Protected top 9 pick from bucks, Marion and Kendall Marshall

Bucks get: Dragic and Affalo

Why the Bucks do this

They're owner has made it clear that they want to win now. Henson and Saunders wont mesh in a front court together (similar players, poor spacing/free throw shooting). They need a quality wing defender, shooting and a point guard that would fit well with Mayo. Dragic is the perfect partner to Mayo, and Affalo is a quality wing defender who can score the ball. Projected starting lineup: Saunders, Illysavo, Affalo, Mayo, Dragic. A nice blend of spacing, defence and creation of the dribble. They give up a potential defensive stud in Henson and a first round pick, but its protected top 9 and Henson has yet to prove anything but his potential.

Why the Mavs do this

They've wanted Gortat for a while now, Whilst the timing sucks (they just signed Dalambert and Wright to two year deals), i think they like Gortat enough to give up a protected first rounder. Loss of Marion might hurt, but it should be easy to flip one of their extra bigs or Ridnour for a 3 and D guy.

Why Magic do this

The team most likely to cry foul, i dont know how much value they place on Affalo. In this trade they score a likely top 20 pick and get a look at a second year lottery PG (Being Marshall though they might not want to look :P), a position they lack depth in. Not sure if thats enough; especially if they were the ones to reject the Bledsloe for Affalo deal, but you dont know if you dont ask.

Why Suns do this

Before everyone cuts of my head please consider the following.

1. Gortat's deal is expiring; they're is no point in resigning a big who will be past his prime once we;ve rebuilt. So we should get something for him> Henson/a first rounder for an expiring is a steal.

2. I love Dragic, but considering the age of the talent we've drafted and will draft (Higgins etc will be 19, Goodwin and LEn 19 and 20) were not going to be ready for at least another 3 years. Again Dragic will be close to past his prime.

3. Most importantly; we need to suck next year to get the best pick possible. Sucking requires having little talent, this trade gets rid of our best talent. Harsh but true. Additionally this gives more playing time to our youth.

Henson has shown similar potential to Saunders on a faster timeline. He is still on his rookie deal and even if he isn't amazing, he will have greater trade value in two years than either Gortat or Dragic. Secondly next years draft is crazy deep, having as many picks as possible puts us in an excellent position to have our rebuild completed by the end of next season. Consider the following lineup

C: Len

PF: Henson

SF: 3 and D signed/drafted

SG: Wiggins

PG: Bledsloe

6th man: Goodwin

Bench: Morri, Free agent signings

Wiggins/Bledsloe could play pick and roll with Henson using Len to space the floor or Post up Len with Henson flashing to the ring. Defensively where long and quick. After next year Hornaceck can spend 2 years developing these guys into a championship caliber team that can attract quality free agent signings like David West or Andre Iguiodala to put us over the top.


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