If D12 goes to Warriors. Could the Suns get Klay Thompson?

They say lightning normally doesn't strike twice but what if it did?

Could the Suns work their way into the middle of another 3 team trade? What about this:

Lakers Sign and Trade Dwight Howard to the Warriors in exchange for Andrew Bogut (expiring contract) and a future 1st round pick. Lakers amnesty (or Cut) Meta World Peace.

The Suns send Marcin Gortat (expiring contract) and Caron Butler (expiring contract) to the Lakers in exchange for Jordan Hill.

The Warriors send the Suns Klay Thompson in exchange for 2 2nd round picks - or possibly the Lakers 2015 1st rounder.


Warriors - Send out: Bogut and Thompson @ $15.2 Million. Add: Howard @ $20+ Million(ish).

Suns - Send Out: Gortat and Butler @ $15.3 Million. Add: Thompson and Hill @ $5.8 Million.

Lakers - Send Out: Howard and HIll @ $23.1 Million. Cut: M.W.P. @ $7.3 Million. Add: Bogut, Gortat, and Butler @ $28.3 Million.


Warriors - They get their guy and a draft pick for the hassle of adding a third team. LAL is reportedly seeking Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes in exchange for Howard so it's not like they would've kept the piece they lost to the Suns anyway.

Lakers - The Lakers actually get a lot out of this trade instead of walking away without anything to show for the Dwightmare. They get an upgrade at the back-up Center position whether Bogut or Gortat end up starting. They also get Butler, who is a much more D'Antoni type player, which gives them a reason to dump M.W.P.'s contract. Add in the fact that all of their incoming contracts expire at the end of the season, AND they'd get a draft pick, and their future doesn't look as bleak as it did 5 months ago.

Suns - We move Gortat, allowing for Len to get some major minutes, while getting some value in return. Klay could be our long-term answer at the Small Forward position. At 6'7" he can easily play the 3 fulltime, although he currently splits his time at the 2. Hill, coming off an injury, makes for a pretty decent back-up center for a team in rebuilding mode, plus who doesn't love his hair!

With a starting line-up of Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, Klay Thompson, Channing Fry and Alex Len we have a team that may be pretty interesting in a few years time. The guard positions can slash and attack to their hearts content with our forwards staying outside the 3-point line to give Len and the guards all the space they need.

This may need some additional pieces to work OR it may not actually be possible at all. I think it is though. But. I'm no expert.

Lemme know whacha think.

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