Gortat to the Mavs for Thornton and a Dal 2014 1st

Alex Len is a top 5 pick, let him run. There's nothing to lose this year. As for the Mavs rumors that, post-Dwight, they will pursue Andrew Bynum? Ugh. They tried to sign Gortat before, he makes more sense as a 3-4 year solution alongside Dirk.

Suns: Gortat, Scola + Tucker for Thornton + 2014 Dal 1st
Mavs: Marion, VC + 2014 1st for Gortat, Scola + Jimmer
Kings: Thornton + Jimmer for Marion, VC + Tucker


After this trade the Suns have excellent odds of securing 3 top 20 1st rd picks next year. Thornton is the rare sparkplug scorer who gets nitro hot. Any role player who can nail five three-pointers in a half is a keeper. As for his streakiness, let's see what Hornacek and the coaching staff can do about it.


Dirk will benefit with defensive help in the post and additional scorers. Jimmer would have the chance to prove his worth without being thrust into the primary scorer role right away. Calderon can easily maestro for these 4 starters, he's done so with less talented players in Toronto and Detroit. AK and Gortat are very good overall defenders and can disrupt passing lanes. (Carlisle will have four 7 footers on this team.) Gortat and Mozgov help Dirk conserve his energy on defense. Scola is the insurance plan for an aging Dirk, Luis can start or lead this young 2nd unit. He, Dirk and Andrei have the playoff pedigree and hunger that will keep this team focused throughout the year. Bynum's a huge question mark. If the team is looking at a 1-2 year window with Dirk, Bynum might fit.


It has become cliche that mediocrity is the worst fate for an NBA team. There's at least one exception: when a young (and previously terrible) team makes the wins jump. To go from 28 to 34 wins is a moral victory, everyone can then talk playoffs for the next year as the best players start to enter their prime years. Cousins, McLemore and Vasquez need to experience those late season playoff atmosphere games, instead of participating in laughers or no-D 120-112 losses. Sacramento fans should cheer 34 wins and a #11 finish out West. What they may lose in the draft they can re-gain in 2014 when Luol Deng hits the market.

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