Gortat & Beasley for Eric Gordon?


After reading Dave's post about our options for moving Gortat dwindling, and in direct regards to one of the many options he presented within it, I thought why not just do the obvious and use him to bring in Gordon, who many fans have been clambering for since last off season?

Here's my proposal. Gortat & Beasley to New Orleans for Gordon.

Now primarily, New Orleans get the starting center they need, someone who could play alongside their young talent, and also help Davies mature into his role. Sure, they eat Beasley's contract too, but their salary cap status is actually better off with Gordon off their books, and with less years to fork out for too. Plus, it's Beasley... we could sell them on the same BS that we bought into, that he MIGHT be a beast someday...

For us, we get rid of Beasley. And that's enough for most fans.

Nah, but seriously... in addition, we trade Gortat before he lose him for nothing, and we fill the shooting guard spot that many feel we need to. A dynamic 3 man rotation in a backcourt of Dragic, Bledsoe and Gordon would be among the best in the league, all 3 could handle the rock, get to the basket, and switch between both PG and SG responsibilities as and when they needed to.

Now I'm not a Gordon nut hugger, but before we get all antsy, hear me out.

Yes, Gordon's contract seems a little ludicrous. But don't forget it's the one we offered him ourselves last season.

Yes, his attitude has drawn red flags. But in all honesty, we completely sold him on coming here last year, so why WOULD he be happy about being forced into returning for a team he has no desire to play for anymore?

Yes, his injuries are an issue, but our training staff will no doubt work their magic there. And all reports suggest they weren't always as bad as Gordon himself claimed. Plus, if part of a 3 man PG/SG rotation, the demand on his body would lessen up some.

If he works out, he fills the shooting guard spot we need. He's still young, and most likely still better than any shooting guard we might pick up in next year's draft. Plus, we can turn our attention instead to the small/power forward roles, and in such a deep draft, we don't necessarily have to hit rock bottom in order to find the effective talent we need.

And if he doesn't work out, then we're no better off, and still in good position to pick even higher in next years draft anyway.

So whatcha think? Has the EG ship sailed? Are we better off for NOT having acquired him in the first place? Should we wait and see what better options present themselves for Gortat come season start? Or would you just miss those constant turnovers and travelling violations from Beasley way too much?

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