3 Way Gortat Trade

I haven't seen too many trade speculative fan posts lately so I thought I'd throw another one out there for discussion. This may not be an ideal trade but it's just another way of looking at things.

Wizards Receive

- Marcin Gortat (7.8mil)

- Travis Outlaw (3mil) (3mil)

Kings Receive

- Trevor Ariza (7.7mil)

- Shannon Brown (3.5mil)

Suns Receive

- Jimmer Fredette (2.4mil) (3mil TO)

- 2014 1st Rounder (Wizards)

- 2014 2nd Rounder (Kings)

- John Salmons (7.6mil) (7mil TO)

TO = Team Option

Why Wizards do this trade.

With Emeka Okafor out indefinitely with a herniated disk in his neck, the Wizards need to get a starting caliber big man on their squad if they hope to make the playoffs. Nene could move over to center and hope that Vessley or Seraphin up their games to a starters capacity, but they are both unproven and could just as easily disappoint. Gortat gives them a solid set of bigs who can help them win now. Gortat could work out an extension with them since Okafor's $14 mil contract is up at the end of this year so the Wizards will have cap space.

Bringing in Travis Outlaw just makes the cash work and gives them a veteran forward who could see a few minutes off the bench. One problem could be that he is guaranteed next years salary at $3 mil but that and a 1st round pick could be a reasonable price to pay for a starting center in the league.

Why the Kings do this trade

The Kings have a need at SF. Ariza could be that solid presence on both offense and defense for a younger team with some issues. He is on an expiring 7.7 mil for this year and The Kings could decide if they want to keep him in tow for the future or simply let him go after the year. Salmons has been on the decline and is 33 years old and his contract has a team option for next year so it was likely that Sac Town was not going to exercise it after this season anyway.

The Kings may have not been "openly shopping" Jimmer but they realize he is not a part of their future backcourt and with the recent drafting of McLemore his time in Sacramento is coming to an end. Brown gives the Kings depth at SG and teaches McLemore how to take selfish shots (Cannon Brown). Seriously though Brown is good in transition and a serviceable backup vet to a young team.

Why the Suns do this trade

I think most of us realize that Gortat is going to be traded. Maximizing his value in a trade is the next step. So in this trade we are basically getting a 1st and 2nd in a very deep and talented draft, which we could either use all of or use them to move up in the draft to get better talent. We also get a young combo guard who can shoot the ball. Jimmer may not be everyone's favorite, not mine, but the kid can shoot. Right now we have Frye and Green as our best 3 point shooters. Frye is coming off of a year long hiatus and Green is inconsistent. Teaming up Jimmer and Archie on the second unit could be extremely exciting to watch. Plus the fact that Jimmer's contract is manageable at 2.4mil this year with a team option at 3mil next year and you have a contractual situation that is flexible and appealing.

Salmons is just to make the cash work. The guy is a vet who can still shoot the ball from behind the arc at a decent percentage but really I would see the Suns coming to a possible buyout with him to send him on his way somewhere else. Worse comes to worst, we have him sit the bench and get some spot minutes here and there. No harm, no foul.

Suns Roster After Trade

PG - Bledsoe, Fredette, Marshal, (Smith)

SG - Dragic, Goodwin, (Lee)

SF - Green, Tucker, Salmons

PF - Frye, Kief, Marcus

C - Len, Kravstov, Plumlee

I'm not claiming this to be what will happen by any means but I think it would help out all three teams involved. It's just an option to think about. Hopefully we will know sooner rather than later the fate of Gortat so we can stop speculating . . . although it is rather fun.

Comments? Questions? Rants? Tweaks?

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