Phoenix Suns fans must focus on today, not tomorrow: Be Here Now!

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

When this season started, it was all about the future for the Phoenix Suns and their fans. The team figured to be a bottom feeder, but with a hot new GM and head coach who would right the ship before long.

Once the Suns started playing games for real, they impressed us all by beating the Blazers in the season opener. Those same Blazers are now 25-7.

The first thing for fans was looking to stud college players to see who the Suns should select in the draft, and now it's a lot of talk about acquiring Kevin Love. Wiggins, Randle, Parker, Smart, Love are all outstanding players whom I would love to see play in Phoenix, but the current 19-11 Suns, riding a 10 win out of 12 streak, don't prompt me to look elsewhere. It's all here right now. This Suns team is an amazing story.

We could say it was foreseeable that a new coach with upgraded talent would be able to improve the Suns, but this quickly? On Monday night, the Suns destroyed a Clippers team that was seen as a title contender, with Miles Plumlee and Channing Frye combining to shut Blake Griffin down, and Goran Dragic outplaying Chris Paul.

Why then, with this team doing what it's doing today, would we look for something else, something more? This Suns team was picked to be among the league's worst, and is instead featuring every rotation player performing at the highest level of his career. Trade for Love? Yeah, sure, depending on the deal, and whether it's possible. I'm sure the Suns will draft a contributor this June, wherever they pick.

But why look to any of these possibilities today? This Suns team is amazing as it is. Why look elsewhere for some potential future enjoyment when today we can enjoy watching Dragic and Bledsoe blossom into stars, the Morris twins show how much they love playing together by becoming bench mobsters, Plumlee rim protecting and dunking, Green sniping from 3, Frye playing like his 2010 self, and PJ Tucker working himself into being a quality contributor?

"As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be, you can't see how it is." — Ram Dass

None of us know the true ceiling of this Suns team. Maybe they fall in the second half and fail to make the playoffs, maybe they make the playoffs and lose in the first round, or maybe they continue to improve and do a little something in the playoffs. In any case, by the start of this new year they already nearly have more wins than 99% of people forecast.

This team is playing on house money while performing like they never doubted they'd be this good. I'm an old sports fan, of good and bad teams and, in my opinion, what these Suns are doing is special. The future looks bright, the past is always open for argument, but I'm arguing for the present.

Enjoy it, savor it. These are the good old days.

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