The Transition to Dynasty


Eric Bledsoe/Leandro Barbosa

Gordon Hayward/Archie Goodwin

P.J. Tucker/Gerald Green

Kevin Love/Channing Frye

Miles Plumlee/Alex Len

Imagine if this core could become a reality. Similar to the Boston Celtics' offseason years ago where they were able to land Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, it takes just a couple transactions to make this dream come true. All it takes is an innovative GM (Ryan McDonough - apprentice to Danny Ainge) and the correct assets (Goran Dragic, Okafor expiring contract, potential 4 1st round picks, Morris twins).

Trade with the Utah Jazz:

Goran Dragic and Marcus Morris

- for -

Gordon Hayward



Why do the Jazz make this trade? It's clear that the Utah Jazz are already in the bottom of the league's standings and consequentially at the top of the tank rank. A pair of dynamic small forwards such as Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins basically await the Jazz by the time June comes along which makes Gordon expendable at a SG/SF position. Goran Dragic could be paired along with Trey Burke in order to establish a system similar to the one we're working with right now, a successful system. Marcus Morris provides depth at the forward position for the Jazz and the ability to stretch the floor. It's much safer for them to go with this package instead of potentially losing him in the offseason when Hayward is a restricted free agent looking to cash in.

Why do the Suns make this trade? Hornacek is a sucker for the idea of recreating the Kevin Johnson/Jeff Hornacek era. As an assistant coach in Utah and a mentor figure to Hayward, Hornacek would love to have his 'pupil' on his bench and upgrade the role that Goran Dragic is currently playing. Hayward is a great ball handler with a remarkable jump shot and an outstanding basketball IQ. We can then sign Hayward for more years then any other team at around 13 million a year.

Trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves:

Four 1st round draft picks (Minnesota, Phoenix, Washington, Indiana), Emeka Okafor (Expiring contract), and Markieff Morris (stretch four fills the void of Love)

- for -

Kevin Love and Shabazz Muhammad



Why do the Timberwolves make this trade? Kevin Love wants out of Minny, and that's no secret. Big market teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks look like the favorites to win the Love game by the time his free agency period comes around, but the Suns could make a great offer. It would be a bold move for Minnesota to hold on to Love and risk getting nothing in return when he ends up sprinting out of there. We have the assets to offer them a full fledged rebuild with access to the deepest draft in recent memory.

Why do the Suns make this trade? Our offense is literally built for a Kevin Love-like player. He is a stretch four who somehow manages to grab offensive rebounds while floating around the perimeter and is a beast among men in the post. With a supporting cast that he could end up in such as this one, he wouldn't need to carry a team like he does now.

Sign Kevin Love to 15 million a year, Eric Bledsoe to 10-12 million a year, Gordon Hayward to 13 million a year and we'll have ourselves a core to watch grow together for an NBA decade.

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