DRAFT 2013. The worst of the last decade?

I’m not going to make an analysis of the 30 players in the first round; I’ll limit to see some data of the first 15 players.

1.- Anthony Bennet (Cavaliers). The first word is "surprise"

He is not a starter and his statistic is: 10' - 2.4 p - 2.2 r

He has to be good, no doubt, but at the moment he hasn’t shown anything. Another historical error?

2.- Victor Oladipo (Magic).

41 games played; 28 as starter.

32' - 13, 5 p - 4.3 r - 3.8 as - 1.5 st - 3.3 TO

3.- Otto Porter (Wizards). Injured; he has only played 19 games and is not a starter.

You look at the statistic and start to cry: 9.7 ' - 1.8 p - 1.4 r – 0/7 from 3s

4.- Cody Zeller (Bobcats). He is playing off the bench.

16.7 ' - 5 p - 3.8 r

5.- Alex Len (Suns). High pick because bigs always have a good market.

He has only played 12 games because of injuries. He plays off the bench.

6.9 ' - 2.1 p - 2.5 r

6.- Nerlens Noel (Phily via Pelicans)

Injured; out for the season.

7.- Ben McLemore (Kings). He has been in the starting lineup in 26 of 39 games played.

24' - 7, 8 p - 2.8 r - 0.9 as

8.- K. Caldwell-Pope (Pistons). Starter in 34 of 39 games.

24,6 ' – 7,2 p - 2.3 r - 0.9 as - 1 st

9.-Trey Burke (Utah via Minny). Undisputed starter in one of the worst teams in the NBA. Missed 12 games because of injuries.

Good statistic: 31' - 13.7 p - 3.2 r - 5.7 as - 2.1 TO

10.- C.J. McCollum (Blazers via Bobcats). Injured almost all season; He has only played 6 games off the bench.

13.7 ' - 6.0 p - 1.3 r

11 M.Carter Williams (Sixers). A player with a bright future; he has played 30 games as a starter; He has missed 10 games due to injury.

Great numbers for a rookie: 34.6 ' - 17'5 p - r 5.7 - 6.7 as - 2.5 st - 3.4 TO

12 Steven Adams (Thunder via Raptors via Rockets)

Another big man who will always have a spot on any roster.

15' - p 4.0 - 4.6 r

13.-Kelly Olynyk (Boston via Mavericks). Another big in another bad team.

19' - 7 p - 4.4 r.

Bad % for a big who likes shoot from the outside

14. Shabazz Muhammad (Minny via Utah). A major success of Utah getting rid of this player..

It seemed that it could be a high pick. Even many people in this blog wanted him to be the pick of the Suns. Injured throughout the season; a horrible statistic and horrible %

4' - 1.2 p - 0.8 r - 0 as - 24 FG

15.-Giannis Adetokunbo (Bucks). He has played half of games in the starting lineup and the other half off the bench.

23' - 7 p - 4.7 r - 1.7 r - 1.6 TO

He is playing in the worst team in the League; a team with many injury problems. It would be good to see his evolution in a competitive team

The conclusion is that this draft has been a draft where there wasn’t a player who could be considered the cornerstone of a team and each team has picked according as their needs and not based on the quality of the player.

Oonly the guards seem to be able to have an impact on their respective teams.

We could mention some players in the past drafts.

Draft 2012: Davis, Beal, Lillard, Drumond, Barnes.

Draft 2011: Irving, Kläy Thompson, Brandon Knight, Markieff, Kawhi

Draft 2010 : Wall, Turner, Cousins, Monroe, Hayward, Paul George, Sanders

Draft 2009: Griffin, Harden, Ricky, Curry,

Draft 2008: Rose, Mayo, Westbrook, Love, Gallinari, Gordon, Brook López

Draft 2007: Durant, Hordford, Conley, Jeff Green, Noah

Etc, etc, etc

All of them have had a certain impact on their teams in the first year; I don't see any player from the last draft, having the same effect as those mentioned above.

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