First Suns game in Phoenix; Suns vs Pacers!

First off, I just wanna say that this was the BEST BEST BEST day of my life!!! EVER!!! I wouldnFirst Suns game in Phoenix; Suns vs Pacers!'t trade it for ANYTHING!

I've been to 4 Suns vs Lakers games in LA but never have been to US Airways Center. & to sit front row in a lower level section.. Gosh, this was honestly a dream come true. I had always said that I was the biggest Suns fan in San Diego, but I thought once I go to Phoenix, everyone would be like me in terms of how seriously I take the Phoenix Suns... boy was I wrong. I guess you brightsiders are the only people that can relate to me for how much the Suns impact our lives.

Everyone was calling me crazy for driving from San Diego all the way to Phoenix to watch a Suns game. They were saying I was better off saving my money but I kept ignoring them & saying how it was my 1st time here at US Airways.

I had 2 tickets, and my brother, who is in FaZe clan (random fact) had school, so I decided to take my best friend with me who does not watch basketball at all, but knows all the Suns players because of me (: haha

The game was at 8:30, and at 5 PM, I wanted to enter the arena but the Lady told me doors don't open until 6:30 so I decided to go to the CVS across the street to buy something that was sign-able, in case we got the chance to meet any players, which we were defenitly not expecting. I couldn't find anything to buy so I just waited til 6:30 and entered the arena. I saw a poster on the wall of the Suns roster, and considering I'm 18 years old, I think I had too much fun with it.



Having been to 4 Laker games, I am used to STRICT security guards! Not allowing you to move around sections and what not, no matter where the players are/ how much longer til tip-off. So I had been praying that there would be some Suns players out around where I was sitting... I entered & saw my seats... IF THAT WASNT THE GREATEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE IDK WHAT IS!!!!! Boy, was I in shock. The court & seats look smaller in person but here were my seats (:



GREAT SEATS !!! Oh, and I saw JA Adande and said Whats up to him! Img_1326_zpsf2cc66c6_medium




I notice an Orange paper taped to my seat that said "Congrats! You are a winner!" ... blah blah so I was already off to a good start (: You'll see why that Orange paper came in handy later (;

To my surprise, a worker came up to my buddy and I and asked if we wanted to go down to courtside for a while and I was in SHOCK! At a laker game, they wouldn't let you out of your section for a million bucks! So, of course, I jumped out of my seat and ran to court side! Right here:



Len, Plumlee, Kravstov, and the Morris bros were the only players out warming up at the time. (90 mins before game time)... Before too long, Len started walking over towards the locker room and I BURST out of my seat! About 10 others followed me and we asked Len for autographs! He came over and I had nothing to get signed ... EXCEPT THAT ORANGE PAPER! So I got that signed and was the happiest person on earth!

Meeting Alex Len! Suns vs Pacers 2014 (via Brandon Awadis)

The Morris bros. then headed to the locker room & Kieff didn't sign anything (jokes on him, I already met him and got an autgraph in LA his rookie year (; ) Mook signed some autographs tho.

The Morris bros! Suns vs Pacers 2014 (via Brandon Awadis)

& then there was Scola warming up!



THIS MOMENT HOWEVER!!!!!! Dragic comes out of the locker room and walks past everyone smiling... I shout to him saying I LOVE HIM and he WINKS AND WAVES!!! CHECK IT OUT!!

Goran Dragic wink & wave at me! Suns vs Pacers 2014! (via Brandon Awadis)

At that point, my heart MELTED!!! And I RAN over to the other locker room where he went to sign autographs and take pics (btw, if I ran from one section to another section all the way on the other side of the arena at a laker game, I probably would have been tased and arrested.) So now on the other side,

Meeting Goran Dragic! Suns vs Pacers 2014 (via Brandon Awadis)

You could even hear me say "I love you so much Goran!"



This had already been the best day of my life knowing I'd be going to Phoenix to see a Suns game but NOW THIS?!?!?!


& then I tell him he's an all-star this year for sure and he fist bumps me!!! AHHH!

Goran Dragic fist bump! Suns vs Pacers 2014 (via Brandon Awadis)

Out comes Gerald Green! (:

Meeting Gerald Green! Suns vs Pacers 2014 (via Brandon Awadis)

I told him "F*ck the Pacers man they traded you for Scola?!" and he started giggling and said "It's all good man!"

So I had already talked to JA Adande, won a prize (Eric Bledsoe Backpack), met Alex Len, met Dragic, met Green and the game had not even started!!!

I then had to go back to my seat, there was about 45 minutes before gametime and I return to my seat & to my surprise look who walks over



He gave someone standing near me his phone number, I have no idea who that man was btw!

But after all this, I was finally ready for the game to begin!!! AND TO MY SURPRISE AGAIN, look who comes out to sit a couple of feet in front of me!!!!!

Eric Bledsoe looking fitted in his suit! Suns vs Pacers 2014 (via Brandon Awadis)

When it got all quiet, he FINALLY replied to one of my "BLEDSOE I LOVE YOU!!!" , he turned around and waved! But I didn't get it on camera :(

If you think this team bonds based off what you see on TV, well thats NOTHING! This team is not even a basketball team, they are all like blood related brothers I swear. After watching them live, I sure hope NOBODY gets traded, although thats probably not the case :(

I said whats up to Paul Coro and I can tell he was surprised, not many people knew him. At least no one around me lol. "Who was that?" people around me were asking!

I even met Mr. Orng who was sitting DIRECTLY behind me throughout the game, and he is really funny!

In the back of my head I was thinking "At least if we lose, I can look back at all this and say it was a good night"... LITTLE DID I KNOW WHAT WAS COMING!!!!!! Boy did we kill the pacers or what??!?!

I'll never forget in the 3rd quarter when Dragic pulled up & hit a 3, Hornacek looked to the bench laughing/smiling and covered his mouth from the court, and said "He can't guard Goran. He can not guard Goran!" Hahaha Man I love Hornacek, he then called Dragic over and whispered something to him, I can only imagine what he said (:

Btw random photo right here of me very early at the arena (:



ONE MORE THING OCCURED TO TOP OFF MY AMAZING NIGHT THO!!!!!! 3 people from San Diego text me telling me that I'm famous and I keep not knowing what theyre talking about until my dad sends me this!!!



Of course ESPN caught me yawning but still!!! Amazing!!! hahah

Last but not least...

The moment everyone has been waiting for

Get ready

Buckle up

Hold your horses

Its coming...







I just wanna thank my Mom & Dad for this christmas present!!!! & I swear to myself never ever to put a penny down for Laker tickets ever again. I pay double the price to watch a game from 10 rows back. I paid only $170 for an experience that will make me happy for YEARS AND YEARS TO COME!!!!! Everyone back in San Diego knew how much this meant to me (: Everyone back home knows I am easily the top Suns fan in San Diego mwhaha!

I also had to get myself a little gift (:





Some more random Photos if you guys are interested:











Post game Plumlee, Bledsoe, Barbosa! Suns vs Pacers 2014 (via Brandon Awadis)

Post Game Goran Dragic! Suns vs Pacers 2014 (via Brandon Awadis)

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