So, as some of you may know, I have been extremely frustrated with the fact that NBA2K14 had been absolutely horrid with their updates on the Phoenix Suns roster.

That all changed today.

Now, whereas I used to look like this every time I checked their stats:

I now look like this:

Let me explain what was going on.

The Suns, until now were rated as the 27th worst team in the NBA, despite having one of the leagues top 11 or 12 records. Maybe everyone thought we were going to fall back down to earth or something, but that shouldn't matter. The NBA2k guys were promoting their new living roster system as updating ALL players on a game by game basis, meaning, every real life game can have an effect on their stats. Despite that, Dragic stayed a 78 up until now for the entire duration of this season (while players like Lance Stephenson (83) and Darren Collison (81) received more stat updates and higher rankings for no reason).

They have finally taken some notice, and I am happy to say that The Dragon is now rated an 82 (arguably should be even higher.....) and Gerald Green is now rated a 76 (up from a 70, and at points 69, earlier in the season).

We went from the 27th ranked overall team (without Bledsoe), to the 17th ranked overall team (without Bledsoe).

We are rated 5th in offense, and 23rd in defense.


Now, lets focus on some other parts of the roster, which have still not received any meaningful upgrades:

Bledsoe is rated as an 84, when not injured. His edge over Dragic is probably due to his suffocating defense.

Barbosa is probably where he should be at 70 (at this point in his career).

Ish Smith is slightly overrated for some reason at 71.

Markieff for some reason is still rated as a 69, despite being one of the best 6th men in the NBA this year.

Miles started off the season as a 62, but has been raised to a 69 in recent weeks. I think he deserves a tad higher, but I'll take it.

PJ is rated as a 69, and while this could also be a bit higher, I think it makes sense. He plays great D and can hit corner 3's in the game, as in real life.

Archie is rated a 68, which I am perfectly fine with. Prove something in the NBA, and then maybe he will be rewarded ratings-wise.

Mook is rated as a 67. I would be more pissed off about this if Kief wasn't rated only 2 notches higher..

Christmas is rated a 66, which is amazing considering that he has played in about 10 games all season, and never been in the NBA before...

Frye is jokingly rated a 66 right now (down from his previous joke of a rating of 68..). What?

Alex Len has been given a rating of 63 for now, which I am also ok with until he has proven himself in the eyes of the NBA. He has shown us some flashes, but that is all as of yet.

Viacheslav Kravtsov has been generously rated at the dominant number of 57. Go get 'em Slava. He was rated this high simply for being tall (that is my own justification for this anyway..)

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