With Eric Bledsoe returning soon, should the Phoenix Suns sign Danny Granger?

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

The good news is that Eric Bledsoe is returning soon for the Phoenix Suns, barring setbacks. But should the Suns stop there? Why not sign Danny Granger for some playoff experience and offense off the bench?

The latest developments in the NBA have varying ties to the Suns.

Eric Bledsoe goes 3-on-3

All the details are on Coro's blog, but it appears that Bledsoe is making major progress toward a return to action in the next week or two as long as there are no setbacks.

"I didn't think I was going to be that fast or that quick coming back," Bledsoe said. "When I continue to progress, I think it's going to be a whole lot better."

His return would certainly boost the Suns play on both ends of the court, and it cannot come soon enough. Bledsoe would eat up all of Barbosa's minutes and most of Smith's, but he's a better players and proved that in November and December of this season when the Suns went 16-8 with him in the lineup.

Danny Granger

A report came out today the Danny Granger will be released/bought out by the Sixers after they acquired him for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen at the deadline. The Sixers never wanted Granger to play for them - they really only wanted to remove the specter of Evan Turner's qualifying offer and Lavoy Allen's contract from their books. No one really knows what the Sixers will do with the cap space this summer, but they have more of it now.

Danny Granger is a 30-year old 6'8" small forward who once made an All-Star game and averaged 25 points per game for the Pacers. He's contributed to a playoff team three times in his career, twice as a starter and once going into the second round.

But then his knee busted and he's never been the same since. By the time he returned, Paul George had become an MVP candidate and Lance Stephenson had become a nightly triple-double threat.

Granger is not the player he once was, as we recently saw in two wins over the Pacers last month. He is shooting just 36% from the field, 33% on three-pointers and contributing half the points-per-minute of his career apex.

Yet, he's talented and playoff-proven.

Should the Suns find room for Granger on a minimum deal? He would take minutes from P.J. Tucker and Gerald Green as well as Marcus Morris. Especially once Eric Bledsoe comes back.

A couple of national media think Granger would be good in Phoenix.


Matt Moore (the HP guy) has a closet love affair with the Suns, ranking them 5th in the NBA today for cbssports,com. Matt thinks Granger would be good in the Phoenix offense.

So does Marc Stein, another long-time softie for the Suns who ranked them #11 on his Power Rankings today.

Phoenix is an interesting option for a Granger buyout if you believe in the mystical powers of the Suns' athletic training stuff and what they might be able to do to get Granger's body right.

What say you, Suns fans?

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