5(+1) Players That Could Potentially Be Drafted By The Suns In 2014

As the 2014 NCAA Tournament is underway, I have been searching for players with enormous potential that could possibly fall to the Suns' first projected pick which will be somewhere in the middle of the first round. It's no secret that Phoenix is in need an upgrade at the 3 and 4 positions, so I have scouted out some players that could be a good fit with the Suns. The following players listed are in no particular order.

T.J. WARREN - SF - 6'8" - N.C. State

Warren is a talented wing with a nose for scoring. He has spring boarded off of a solid freshman campaign to become one of the most prolific scorers in the country. Though just an average NBA level athlete, Warren shows a knack for taking what the defense gives him and he's one of those guys that makes the game look easy. He still needs to extend his range and add a three-point shot to his repertoire, but he shows good form on his shot and should be able to improve that over time. Warren's incredible season taking home ACC Player Of The Year honors virtually locks up a first-round selection, and he's likely to get looks beginning in the late lottery.

DOUG MCDERMOTT - SF - 6'8" - Creighton

In today's NBA, having one standout skill can be better than being just good in many areas. McDermott is an elite level shooter with a tremendous feel for the game. A player that can spread the floor as well as pass and compete at a high level will fit right into many teams. McDermott may never be a good defender due to a lack of foot speed and athleticism, but his offensive arsenal should be enough to make up for that. Scouts have pegged his range as a likely 12-18 mid-first-rounder.


A case could be made that Kyle Anderson is the most valuable player to any college team in the country. His ability to setup teammates and handle the ball at 6-foot-9 is extremely rare. He's drawn comparisons to Magic Johnson from scouts, and some feel that he's a legitimate Top 5 pick candidate after leading UCLA to win the Pac-12 Tournament over Arizona in Las Vegas. Anderson has shown excellent improvement between his freshman and sophomore seasons by cutting down his turnovers and improving upon his assists-per-turnover ratio. He looks much more comfortable creating offense for himself and others, and his once inconsistent jump shot has become much more reliable. He's even hitting three-pointers at an excellent clip, though on a low volume. While there is still concern about his lack of speed and quickness, his skill level and length make him a very intriguing prospect.

ADREIAN PAYNE - PF - 6'9" - Michigan State

Payne has had his ups and downs over the course of his collegiate career, but he stuck around for his senior season and it has proven to be very beneficial for him as his game has shown significant improvement. His jump shot has become extremely accurate with excellent form and rotation. Although Payne still needs to prove himself in the tournament as well as in the workouts leading up to the draft, his combination of athleticism and shooting ability gives him solid intrigue.

NOAH VONLEH - PF - 6'10" - Indiana

Vonleh is a bright, coachable kid who works very hard and has had a surprisingly quick transition to the college level. He has spent a lot of time working on his handle and has learned how to use his 7-foot-4 wingspan and terrific 242 pound frame to his advantage. He seems to have realized that his bread and butter at the NBA level lies in the paint, and his rebounding has turned into a real weapon. Although Vonleh shows some solid instincts around the basket, he lacks much in the way of post moves and is just a raw physical specimen at this point.


CLINT CAPELA - PF - 6'10" - Chalon (France)

Capela is a freakish athlete who fits a number of teams' idea of the perfect draft and stash type of pick. He probably won't be an NBA contributor for a few seasons, but for a team with patience, he's a great athlete who could be a force by the time he's 24-25. He doesn't always play with a high level of intensity, his main drawback, but he's a handful when he's on and he's only 20 years of age. His progression this season has been remarkable, with a number of big scoring and rebounding outbursts, giving him a lot of intrigue as a late first-round pick.

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