The Wonder Twins= Wins



As a long time Suns fan and participant on BSOTS for a little over a year now, I'm sure some of you have seen my posts and wish you could delete all of them. I'm sure the majority of you have seen these antagonistic posts and have wondered to yourselves "What is up with this guy?". For this I apologize, but when it comes to sports and rooting on my favorite teams, I have every right to feel this way and my feelings happen to jump out onto the screen while watching the games.

You see, not only am I a Suns fanatic, but I am also a Detroit Lions fan. This means that the two teams that I LOVE the most, have never won a championship. It is a frustrating existence and because of this, I expect losses and look for every reason for my teams to find a reason to lose. This also makes me extremely critical of the players, coaching, and team management, which is why I scream at the TV and throw sh*t around more than the average human being.

That being said, I know I have been ultra critical of our beloved Suns players, despite the fact we are having such a great season. None however, have gotten more screen lashings from me this year than the Morris twins (now that Beasley, Canon, and Marshall are gone) and now I know why: So much of the Suns success depends on their performance.

After doing some research regarding the link between how much the Morris brothers score per game and how this relates to Suns victories, I discovered some interested statistics that I wanted to share with the Suns faithful:

When the Morris brothers both individually score 15+ points in a game the Suns are 7-0 (100% baby!).

One Morris scores at least 15+ and the other scores 10+ Points: 15-3 (83%WP).

Markieff individually scores 15+ points: 18-5 (78%WP)

Marcus individually scores 15+ points: 12-3 (80%WP)

Both Morris brothers each score 10+ points: 17-5 (77%WP)

The Twins combine for 30+points: 13-3 (81%WP) 25+ points: 22-7 (75%WP) 20+ points: 18-5 (71%WP)

ON THE OTHER HAND, when the Twins combine for less than 20 points: 11-15 (42%WP).

Long story short: when the Twins play well we usually win, if not, we usually lose. Hopefully my "Brightside" homies will keep this in mind next time you see a "Darkside" post like "The Twins are freakin' worthless!" or "Markieff wore his mommies panties to the game tonight!". This means that unless they pick up their game the Suns are probably going to lose, therefore adding more salt into the gaping axe wound that is my sports life.

Now let's all hope the Morris brothers kick some a** for the rest of the season and into the playoffs!

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