There IS a future.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

My heart was heavy.

This loss to Dallas left me with a black hole in my heart.

But, in defiance of the laws of physics, one light was able to escape this black hole. And this light led to more light escaping until, all of a sudden, I found myself not wallowing in despair but rejoicing in what was coming.

We have had a GREAT season. Sure, the playoffs are looking like a very unlikely thing now. But what would you have rather had? A repeat of 2012-2013 just for ONE high draft pick? Could we stomach another horrendous season (we probably could since we're crazy fans but that's besides the point)? Or would you rather be where we are now, with a team full of fire and heart that has shown the world that this is only the beginning?

What we have THIS season is a team that has DEFIED the expectations of EVERYONE. We are playing in the tougher conference and battling 2 veteran teams for a playoff spot. And we're one of the YOUNGEST teams in the NBA!

Many of us expected this team to start this season (and end this season) with horrendous play and lots of losses. But instead we were blessed with a group of players who not only desired to win, they ACTUALLY won. And this year was supposed to be rebuilding? If this is our foundation, we're looking to be a mighty force to be reckoned with.


Our beloved Dragon has shown the league that he is...well, a DRAGON.

Markieff is flexing his muscles now and looking like Master Chief tearing through Covenant.

Bledsoe is proving that he can and will be a star.

PJ Tucker...well he's PJ Tucker (there can be no higher compliment)


The above are only a FEW things that we have had going for us this season. So I propose this to all of us here at BSOTS (and to Suns fans everywhere).

Yes, we would LOVE to make the playoffs and upset whoever is foolish enough to want to play us in the first round. But if that does not happen, there is no reason to mope. What we have now is a group of young players that will be hungry for more. A team, from top to bottom, that is primed and ready to unleash a supernova on the league.

We must not wallow in despair. We should be looking forward and anticipating an amazing future with this team and rejoicing in how great of a season this one has been.

And to the rest of the NBA, we should say "Watch out". The Sun is shining hotter and hotter. And ya'll about to get burned.

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