playoff reflections and predictions.

So, we didn't make it. And that's ok this season. But still fun to think about what might have been, and make some predictions along the way...

Western Conference


spurs 4-0 (suns vs spurs: 1-3)

We likely would have been facing the mighty spurs if we'd made it. Somehow, I think we matched up much better against the spurs, even though, in my opinion, I think Dallas is a slightly better team than we are right now. Dallas just doesn't have the defensive ability I think we do to win more than one against the spurs in this matchup. I'd have us winning 2. But we aren't there.

Result: Spurs in 5.


thunder 3-1 (suns vs thunder: 2-1)

We might have ended up here too. Less likely, but if we did, we'd give them a run for their money. If we were completely healthy, I'd say it would be a seven game series. If westbrook wasn't healthy for our series, I'd give us a decent chance at the upset. What really bums me out here is that Memphis slows things down so much, they can make the thunder a boring team to watch. If they'd been in 8th spot against the spurs, I wouldn't care, because I think the spurs can also be rather boring- though brilliant in their game. Memphis and SAS also have history in recent playoffs, which would have been fun. This one not so much. So- this could be a matchup without much flair to it if they keep Durant and Westbrook in check. And I think Memphis is better than the bottom 4 teams in the west playoffs- so there could be an upset here. I think that would be a shame, as the thunder are fun to watch, and I'd like to see them go further in the playoffs.

Result: Thunder in 7.


tied 2-2 (suns vs clips: 1-3) (suns vs w's: 2-2)

Couldn't have ended up here, but interesting to see we were 3-5 from these two teams. I think the warriors are shaky right now and the clips are thriving. However, this should have a lot of fireworks and be really fun to watch. If CP3 and blake stay healthy, I don't give GSW a chance. Splash Bros goin' down.

Result: Clips in 5.


rockets 3-1 (suns vs rox: 1-2) (suns vs por: 3-1)

We owned the blazers, but the Dwight and Asik were too tough for us, mostly. I wouldn't have given us a chance against the Rox, but we'd beat the blazers in 7, I think. Anyway- this could be another fun matchup to watch as it is. Though I think Portland might fold like a cardboard box in the playoffs against Harden and Dwight. Just a guess. Still, I think they'll win 2.

Result: Rox in 6.

L'Eastern Conference


tied 2-2

Pacers are going to win this, its just a matter of how much they come around during this round to their normal playoff feisty selves. And I think this first round will wake them up after a loss or two. Atlanta has played well lately, but doesn't have what it takes to go the distance, IMO.

result: pacers in 5

mia vs CHA

heat 4-0

Miami also needs a wake up call. The bobcats are pretty good this season, but can't compete with the heat. They might pull off a win, particularly since the heat always seem to take competition lightly in the first couple of games of each series historically.

result: heat in 5.


tied 2-2

This has all the makings of a great series; youth vs experience, low expectations and energy vs high expectations and methodology. And I think it will be a battle. I think we'll see Toronto grow up quite a bit, but not quite have enough to overcome the experience of all the super old, uh, I mean experienced nets.

result: nets in 7.


Wiz 2-1

This could be a viscous battle or a boring slug-fest. I'm not sure which. Depends who dictates the tempo and feel of the game. My money would be on Chicago to do that, which could make this much less fun to watch. I'm torn because a part of me really wants to see Gortat have some success and fun and win a series, but part of me doesn't want to see the wiz get the better of that trade. But- heck, we already won that trade by subtraction from our roster and a pick. And, anyway, it'd be fun to have some new blood in the eastern playoffs. So, I'll root for them. Though I still think they'll lose.

Bulls in 6.

Curious to see how accurate these end up being. Supply your own predictions in the comments if you'd like.

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