Phoenix Suns All-Time NFL Team... Who Do You Got?

Half a month into the offseason and it's been a fantastic playoffs, but to be honest, I'm bored as hell without Suns basketball. I should have been studying for my Physics Theory final coming up on Monday but instead, I decided to go on Facebook and participate in this intriguing #SunsQuestionOfTheDay post... "Which Suns player, past or present, would make the best NFL draft pick?"

I couldn't for the life of me decide between Barkley at MLB (he'd be an absolute terror defending both the pass and the run) or STAT at TE (6'9 with the fluidity, agility, and hands of any NFL slot receiver), so naturally, I determined that making a full NFL roster out of past and present Suns players would be the best way to do this question justice.

These are the guys I'm rolling with if I'm turning the All-Time Suns into an NFL team:


QB - Nash

Z - Barbosa

X - Richardson

TE - Stoudemire

FB - PJ Tucker

RB - Bledsoe

C - Alvan Adams

LG - Lopez

RG - Mark West

LT - Gortat

RT - Frye



CB - Ish Smith

FS - Dragic

SS - Raja Bell

MLB - Charles Barkley

OLB - Grant Hill

OLB - Dan Majerle

DE - Lou Amundson

DE - Shawn Marion

DT - Oliver Miller

DT - Garrett Siler

Special Teams:

PR - Bledsoe

KR - Ish Smith

Coaching Staff:

O Coordinator - D'Antoni

D Coordinator - Longabardi

Head Coach - Cotton Fitzsimmons

I nearly put PJ in at OLB instead of FB, but I think he's more shifty than explosive so his hustle and bully-ball style makes him a better fit at FB than OLB. The other position I had serious issues about was actually QB. I thought JKidd might be the more natural choice, since he's taller (6'5) and will be able to see over the likes of Fropez and Gortat on his OL, but I decided last minute to go with Nash because he's just a better athlete and will be a much better scrambler if the pocket collapses. Also he played rugby.

Bledsoe vs. KJ at RB was equally tough, but I eventually went with Bled because he's stockier and could probably take more abuse than KJ could.

My personal favorite choices on this list are the aforementioned Stoudemire at TE and Barkley at MLB, and also Marion at DE. Marion would have the strength and speed to wreak havoc in the backfield, and the length and hops to bat down passes at the line of scrimmage. You almost wouldn't even need a corner on that side.

I'm also proud of my choices at O-Line. Fropez and Mark West were two of the best centers in our history at blocking out defenders, so naturally they're my O-Guards. Alvan Adams was a 6'5 rock who played bigger than he was. (Nash would have an easier time seeing over him than a 7-footer.) The Polish Hammer would be a monster, using his speed as the pulling tackle on outside runs.

Well there you have it... where did I screw up? What did I do right? Who do you got on your All-Time Suns NFL Team?

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