Look, I'm not a professional scout (or the Suns McGM), but...

This is a Fanpost, of a Fanpost... aka a Blackhole
(inspired from MrAustinElmer's recent post)

I really like Cleanthony Early's game (and him as a player). I don't know why he isn't talked about more. I'd be pretty happy if the Suns got him with one of their picks. I'd take him with the 14th or 18th pick (i don't think he'd get to 27, but that'd be a STEAL). Gary Harris is a stud, imo. I'd take him 14, depending on how we grade the other players. Zach LaVine is interesting, but he seems more like a project than others. But, he could also be a Klay Thompson type player (which would be pretty damn good). *On a separate note: there's a bunch of 3/4's that are pretty good in this draft, i.e. Stokes (Tenn), Grant (Syr), Daniels (UConn), Glen Rob 3 (Mich), and some others.

I really like James Young; shoot: why not add to our Kentucky West team? Amirite? LOL! I really like Bledsoe and Archie, aka The Mongoose; so obviously Coach Calipari is doing something right. Shall we go to the well once more? (Also, i dig mini-ZBo, aka Jul-Rand, but he'll prob be gone by the Suns pick - unless there's a trade. I just don't know if he fits our style.) Adreian Payne i like a lot. But, after reading about health concerns, i'm a little worried. I STILL like his game a lot, and he could fit a position that we need help at. I dig the thought of possibly getting one of these pretty good PGs: Ennis, Napier, and of course Jahii Carson (yes, i'm an AZ homer). We shall see who, if any, fits the Suns style the most - and who will be the best NBA player. I think Napier, though, and even Carson, have that heart that i like in a pg.

I'm not really digging McDermott, but what do i know? I just don't see him being the prototypical 4, especially if he doesn't have the athleticism to rebound. Not a big fan of Stauskas ; sorry. I don't get a good feeling about Saric from reading about him and his skill-set. Same goes for Rodney Hood; and i wasn't too impressed from what I've seen watching some of his play. To round out the other draft prospects (and no offense to any of them, but i'm basing this off of Suns' need / style):
  • Idk about K.Anderson. I say pass.
  • Clint Capela is interesting. If i knew more, i might take him with a late 1st (and, as has been noted, a possible draft-'n-stash candidate)
  • i like T.J. Warren. I'd take him with a late 1st, depending on who else we get. But, idk how his game translates to the NBA.
  • i think P.J. Hariston has got Tyrann Mathieu potential. He could be a steal. Or bust. But, i'd take a flier on him in the later 1st rd (not over G.Harris, though).
* Although, I'm obviously not a pro scout, and don't have inside info on most of these guys. This is just my 'eye test'.

This draft class is DEEP! So many really good b-ballers. I know we want to 'trade for a star', but there is a chance that we can continue to set a solid foundation with 2-3 picks in this draft. There are potential BALLERS in this class. And, let's be honest, the Suns need to set a foundation of home-grown draft picks. That's how most of the great teams, especially the 'small-market' teams, sustain success.

I say: take care of our own 1st.

Tucker should be heavily pursued, but he is much more effective in a platoon role at the 3, which i think he'll be able to get plenty of minutes playing next to a young player / rookie (unless we trade for a star at the 3). I'd love to have him back and a fair deal. He has intangibles that are needed on a team (and he's still young enough to keep improving). Bledsoe, in many fans, observers, and apparently the Suns FO, should be retained at the best available cost. Ideally, it won't take max money, but we should do our best to sign him (and Tucker).

I think Channing is in an interesting situation, but I can't help but hope that he's back with this team. I know that we need to upgrade at the 4/5 , but he's a local guy, came back admirably from a scary heart-condition, played pretty well for most of the season, and is a veteran leader on this team. We shall see how this situation shakes out. (Him picking up that option would be a good thing, imo.)

Not that anyone cares, but: i don't want K-Love. There, i said it. I don't care. I'm getting all kinds of Dwight Howard vibes from him. I say: pass, and save our farm. Also, depending on FA and the draft, I could see Ish coming back, and maybe even Randolph. Sorry, Christmas; you have a great story, but we're probably going to need the roster spot. But, of course, these moves are dependent on FA and the draft.

As far as other team's FA:
The more i look at it, the more i like the thought of G.Hayward playing for the Suns (as do many others). But, imo, we have to secure Bledsoe first, and i can't imagine the Jazz won't match anything for Hayward. But... man, he seems like a great fit. I would worry about his D, though (but i haven't seen enough film to make a fair judgement). I'd pass on Lance Stephenson at this time. I think he just kind of showed a bad-side / immature personality that scares me; i don't see him fitting with 'Los Suns'. I'd pass on Ariza, or Deng, UNLESS we got reasonable deals for them, AND brought back P.J. *that's my stipulation. ;)

No way we get Melo. Pass on Monroe, unless he came to us for cheap. Jordan Hill has always intrigued me. I'd give him a look, and offer. But... idk. I could see us going younger / more of an upgrade at the 4/5. I don't know if he truly is, though. [Also, i heart Kieff, and therefore Marcus as well. We should keep the Morri, as long as they continue to improve, play well, and are team-first players - which they seem to be all of that.] Idk about Morrow, but we'll see.
  • Let's go after Lebron!!! (it's like the D-Backs pursuing Tanaka)
  • Would Dirk leave big D for the big Desert? We'd probably welcome him. :)
  • Avery Bradley? (potential back up plan? idk)
  • I'll pass on Rudy Gay; just sayin'; and it has nothing to do with his name. I am a pround supporter of the LGBTQ community.
  • RealTuffJuice? ... hehehe
  • Bring back Boris Diaw? The Matrix? Vinsanity? Shaq... hehehe
  • What about giving super-cool-Beas another shot? ........ JK!!!!!!!!
I could see us picking up a mid-level type veteran to give us depth. I am kind of hoping that we just use the money to keep Bledsoe and P.J. (and poss. Ish), then maybe get a decent player on a good contract, and draft some studs. ** Unless, of course, McD pulls another McMiracle trade ... which is entirely possible. **

In McD we trust
As always, GO SUNS !
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