Love Speaks ... Sort Of

Kevin Love looks to his agent for guidance - Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love on ESPN: "My agent is handling everything."

Kevin Love appeared on ESPN's SportsNation with caffeinated meerkat Max Kellerman and others to address the trade rumors that have been swirling since the Timberwolves season again ended short of a playoff appearance. It was Love's first time officially addressing the situation and he said about as much as he could.

As SBN's Mike Prada has pointed out, according to the NBA's conduct policy a player can be fined or suspended for publicly demanding a trade. What we're left with is a lot of shrugging of shoulders and mealy-mouthing. The more that the SportsNation anchors prodded, the more awkward the conversation became, reaching a boiling point of discomfort when Kellerman decided to take a cheap-shot at Minnesota in front of the cringing power forward.

No one ever in the history of the NBA, as a max contract player, decided 'you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go to Minnesota!'

Stay classy, Kellerman.

As for what Love did say, he stuck to the old tried and true method of passing the buck to someone who is not in the room. Namely, his agent.

My agent is handling everything at this point [...] No matter what the outcome is I just want to end up in a great place where I can win.

Yes, Kevin Love is just waiting for his agent to finish rosterbating, at which point Love will know for whom he will be slinging outlet passes next season. And of course, anyone versed in sports jargon knows that we will always be told what will happen "at the end of the day". Love didn't disappoint.

...At the end of the day I've played six years, haven't made the playoffs yet. That burns me and it hurts my heart.

And there you have it. At the end of the day, Kevin Love is at the mercy of his agent in his quest to end up in a great place where his heart is not hurt and he is no longer burned. I can only assume that ESPN edited out the segment of the interview in which Love professed his insatiable desire to take his talents to the desert and finally fill the Slava Kravstov-shaped hole in the Suns' frontline.

One thing that was made relatively clear was that Love is indeed working on a way out of Minnesota this summer. He is currently under contract through the 2014/15 season, so there is nothing for his agent to be "working on" unless it's a trade. But it's not like we hadn't already assumed as much.

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