The Phoenix Suns Must Pursue Lebron James

According to reports, Lebron James is opting out. It is not certain he will leave the Heat, but opting out gives him more options to explore and allows other teams time, so they can prepare to recruit him in free agency.

The Phoenix Suns under Robert Sarver have pursed big free agents before such as Kobe Bryant in 2004, Kevin Garnett in 2007 and Kevin Love now. Obviously, they failed to get those guys, although the jury is still out on Love. Anyway, Lebron James is now available. The idea of Lebron on the Suns sounds crazy. It may even be delusional, but that doesn't mean they need to believe that. The Phoenix Suns have what Lebron wants. He just doesn't know it yet. They must make it known to him.

There is no excuse. They have a good environment, a stable front office, two star players, plenty of first round picks, plenty of role players and the cap room necessary to add Lebron James to their roster. With or without James, the future of the Phoenix Suns is trending upwards. They have worked hard to get to that point. Now is the opportunity to reap the fruits of their labors. They must pursue the best basketball player on the planet, hard.

If it fails, there is still the possibility that Chris Bosh will opt out. That could be their plan B. With that said, opportunities are presenting themselves. Now is the time to make a move.


What is Lebron planning by opting out of Miami? If their goal was to re-work their contracts so they can continue playing together then why haven't Bosh and Wade opted out yet? Is this simply some scare tactic to make Miami improve the team or risk losing him? How could they improve the roster and re-sign James, though? Perhaps, Lebron is willing to re-sign with them for less money?

Outside of the Heat, the Clippers and Rockets would need to make cap room before signing Lebron, but they aren't going to give up their core players for scraps until they get a commitment from him. With the Lakers and Knicks it's different because they don't have any core players, but Lebron isn't signing there when his situation is already better in Miami.

This is where the Suns have the advantage. They're already prepared to sign Lebron James. They're good now and they're good for the future and yet the media immediately shoots them down because they aren't a big market. Thing is, they don't need to be because Lebron is the market. The chances of James leaving Miami could be a little slim, but if he does then the chances of Phoenix signing him are greater than most think. They hold an advantage over a lot of teams and I hope they realize it. They can't contact Lebron until July 1st, but when that day comes I hope they're the first ones at his doorstep.

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