We deserved more...

T.J. Warren, Tyler Ennis, Bogdanovich.... Those are your new Phoenix Suns. Are you excited? I'm not. I'm confused. This doesn't make sense. This isn't what McD's history as Suns GM leads us to expect and it sure isn't what we were promised. Most say, "Trust McD". They point out reasons like our great turnaround last season or the lopsided trades that favored the Suns. But when it's all said and done I walk away from this draft, a draft I was looking forward to more than any other in my lifetime, wanting more. Just like last year...

What we were promised:

We were promised big things. The suns were chalk full of ammunition. McD said he felt he could get anywhere in the draft he wanted except for the tippy top. He also stated it was "Highly unlikely" the Suns would stand pat and select at #14, 18, and 27. We were told McD's master plan was to flip assets for a proven star. This was supposed to be that year.

Is it fair to be upset we didn't make a trade to land a veteran star? No. This draft day nobody did. This offseason will be marked, yet again with the LeBron sweepstakes. It's also not fair to be angry that McD didn't trade up for Wiggins or Parker. Those would have been wholly unrealistic expectations. Trading up for one of the PF's that slipped was always a pipe dream but after seeing Vonleh falling would have been something to get excited about.

What happened to two way players?

So we got a guy who can fill it up, but when talking about his defense or rebounding the talk turns to "Better than advertised". That's great But Warren's defense isn't advertised at all. So we're left hoping for anything better than a liability defensively. Meanwhile our brand new point guard is expected to be deficient in that area.

What about the athletic freaks, the raw but unpolished, the tremendous upside?

Is anybody talking about these guys as game changers down the road? No. We're hoping for decent role players. From a draft touted as the best in a decade and extremely deep, how do we walk away with, hopefully, role payers? Armed with three picks and a team already competing and two raw rookies from last year looking for playing time why wouldn't we swing for the fences? At least with one of the picks!

What about drafting for need?

This is a strategy that most people despise. And yet it's largely understandable. Get players that can contribute in areas of need. Adrien Payne was a guy that would fit in this category. I personally wasn't high on him, but I could understand the sentiment. So we draft a SF when most want to keep Tucker and a PG when we already have two.


The offseason isn't over. Maybe there's something lurking in free agency. Maybe there's a Kevin Love trade on the horizon. It's not fair to judge an unfinished product. Yet I woke up with this empty feeling in my stomach. Like finally getting your crushes phone number and the guts to call her, but she doesn't pick up. You text her and no reply...

I wake up disappointed. All these promised and nothing to show for it but a gaping hole at PF and my feelings from last years draft resurfacing. A draft that produced exactly zero players that broke the rotation. Except this time I don't even have the, "This guys raw, wait three years for him to develop" mantra.

I hope I'm wrong, but how can I not be disappointed?

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