Let's Play Which Direction Will the Suns Go This Summer?!?



Another possible title to this article could be WWMD? (What will McMiracle Do). However I thought some of you would throw off your WWJD bracelets in rage, so I didn't use that title.

I digress.

We Brightsiders love to speculate. It's what we do 99.99999 percent of the time. I checked. So I thought I would write a speculative post on all the things the Suns could possibly do this off-season. Then we can comment below which is the most likely scenario. Before I go on, please know almost all of these are based on some sort of fact. And I figured I should post this before the draft so it could be more fun. Let's move on to the many scenarios.

Option Number 1: Whatever it takes, Get an All Star

This seems to be a possible direction McDonough and friends would want to go. Ryan (if I may call you Ryan, I figure you're reading this because I am pretty sure we give you all your great ideas) has hinted several times that he wants to bring a big star, or veteran, or all star to the Phoenix Suns. What better time then now? We could go for Kevin Love, I think probably not due to Love's envy of another team. We could hope Chris Bosh gets in a fight with Pat Riley, and says; "I need to go to the other team in the league that has a basketball and fire in the logo". Perhaps we go after Lebron James, saying 'hey man, remember Sir Charles? He liked it here. And your bff Bledshow is here too". There are any other number of players that are at least somewhat of a possibility that we could trade for or sign. It is definitely a possibility that we go for an All Star Caliber player at whatever the cost.

Option Number 2: We Revolutionize Basketball By Playing an All Point Guard Team

Before last season no one thought it could work with Bledsoe and Dragic. Well guess what America, it did. So this season after a crazy lunch at Cooperstown, Hornacek and Mcdonough say to themselves, what if we played an ALL point guard starting line up? It just might work. They decide to trade up as high as they can to get Dante Exum (they did interview him after all). They believe in Archie after that monster 29 point game in a high pressure situation. Ish has been working on his shot at the bequest of Steve Albert, in hopes to say Ish with the swish and it not be a lie, so they think Ish is ready as well. Obviously they keep DragonBlade, and despite what America thinks, we become one of the greatest teams in NBA history.

Option Number 3: We Trade Up in the Draft to Land One Really Good Player.

That's pretty much it. We use two, or all of our picks to get a higher pick, and draft someone amazing. Perhaps we can get up to the sixth pick. Which could maybe get us, Wiggins in a crazy turn of events. But more likely Randle, Vonleh, or, who I kidding, this probably isn't going to happen. I miss the days of hoping for Jabari.

Option Number 4: Not to be Confused with option number 3, We Draft all Three Picks, and Play Them.

McMiracle sees the prospects we have a chance at getting, and decides we should draft. Ryan drafts players to improve in areas we need improvement, like the forward positon. Then Ryan hands the players over to Hornacek and tells him to figure out how to give these boys minutes.

Option Number 5 (my favorite): Bring Back Nash

Breaking news from the future; The Lakers waive Steve Nash this summer to make room for the other rejects players they want. Perhaps they need to make room for Melo. Which leaves Nash sad, alone, and depressed. But wait, who's that calling Stevesey? It Goran. He says Nash please come back. For Veteran minimum. I miss you. I need you.

Nash doesn't know what to do. He tells his favorite disciple Goran that Goran doesn't have that kind of power.

Goran says yes, yes I do. They three way call Ryan, and Viola! Nash is signed to a one year Veteran Minimum contract. Phoenix weeps and rejoices at his return. He helps all our players get better. Our training staff, which is renown for rejuvenating many older men's careers, do the same with our boy Nashty. Long story short, Bledsoe, Dragic, and Nash have career years, with Bled winning MIP, Dragic winning MVP, and Nash winning sixth man, and we go to the Finals and win it all. This is probably the most realistic scenario.

Option Number 6: We Keep Acquiring Young Players, along with Random Players.

McDonough keeps doing what he did last summer. He sees an already current young NBA player with a lot of talent, and does what he does to get that player on the Suns. This will get us players we never really considered before, but under Hornacek's tutelage, these young players improve and reach an even higher potential. Players like Andre Drummond or Tobias Harris. Mcdonough works his magic and gets them for relatively low cost, perhaps though, having to take on some other big unwanted contract to secure the deal.

Option Number 7: Mcmiracle Mambo Number Five's It.

He does a little bit everything. Get's veteran here, a Nash there, keeps some picks there, has an all PG line up once during summer league, and who knows what else? Here's what I do know. I think this summer is going to be one of the most pivotal summers in Suns History moving forward. I could be wrong, but this could be the year we really begin to establish ourselves after the mess of the 2012-2013 season. This past year was great, but can we continue to improve? Not just play good basketball, but can we improve again?

I think we will. I see the Suns heading into a great direction. The Suns management team has made good to great decisions this whole past season, and I don't see that as a fluke. We are living in some exciting Suns times. Now is the time to become a Suns fan. Many of us lifetime fans see the tides a changing, and I for one, am excited.

Comment below what you think is the most likely scenario. Or add a scenario I missed. And I left a fun poll since we all like polls.

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