Will the Suns take Carlos Boozer out of amnesty?

Some friend of mine consistently tweeting @suns to sign carlos boozer because we lack of big man and boozer is legitimate bigman that can help suns big time. But how exactly the boozer specification meet with suns needs?

1. Position:

We need PF/C, and Boozer mainly play as Power Forwad his entire life. Because we jammed at PF right now since signing Tolliver, we discuss about when he play as Center.

He only once spend playing as Center, as i remember, in 2010/2011 with the Bulls, when he averaged 17.5 ppg (decent to very good), 0.3 block shot (humm, not so much), 9.6 rpg (decent, with 2.2 orpg), 51% FGA, and 2.5 assist per game during his - 31 mpg. Which is arguably his best season in the bulls and only slight decline from what he did in his Jazz time with Derron Williams still think and believe that he was the best PG in the league (now? derron kinda lost it). So the initial conclusion that i take, he can play as center but we can not expect rim protection out of him, like Alex Len and Miles Plumlee give us. But right now, we have to put him as power forward. His career (11 years as PF, and 1 year as Center) averaged 16.6 ppg, 0.4 bpg, 9.8 rpg, 2.4 orpd, 52.3% FGA, almost 0% of 3pt in 31.9 mpg almost identical with his Center production, meaning, Boozer always play the same way, regardless position he played for.

As power forward, Boozer ability is his move back to the basket, fadeaway jumper as his bread and butter, and that is enticing, but: 1. In PF position, we have Markieff, Tolliver, Marcus. Boozer skill set is ideal to first blow as starter before Markief come of the bench, but it could block completely the playing time for Marcus and Tolliver. 2. still, no defence or rim protection expected. 3. Fit half court offence that we struggle in

2. Three point shoot:

Common sense that as a Suns, you have to be able to knock 3 in a modest rate (Ish Smith exception), but Boozer is not known as 3 pointers and he only made 1 three in 12 season (enough said). This is due to his hitch shoot (from behind his back) that make middle range is his maximum range (he is decent from there though).

3. Declining Rate

If we take a look at his last 4 years at the bulls, his statistics per 48-minutes is steady. Declining statistics last year due to Coach Thibs drop his PT for Taj Gibson, but game-wise, his game is more or less the same. I think the way he play, it will last 2 years with the same level, more or less.


I think with signing of Tolliver, it is unlikely that Suns will pursue Boozer. But at the right price (let say, 2 year for 6 Millions), he could be a steal. He can solve problem halfcourt easily, he experienced playing with great PG (old DWill, and Healthy DRose) and offcourse he will adjust to Goran and Bledsoe and Thomas nicely. He can be starter and Markieff as 6th Man again. If we need spacing, Tolliver and Marcus can have his place.


Sign him, trade somebody then (marcus, for example)

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