Ryan McDonough is a Maverick, that makes us say "Who?"



Here at BSOTS we all have a Harvey love for Ryan Mcdonough. He brought our team from being not even watchable at times, to a playoff contender.

I have noticed one thing though. We all seem to think Ryan is going to do what we think he is going to do. Now sometimes that is somewhat true. I would contend though, almost always he is unpredictable, and even when a little bit predictable still seems to surprise us.

He's a Maverick.

Let's take a moment to look at the history of his Maverick choices, and see if it's possible to anticipate what else he will do this summer.

The Suns hired McDonough from that cold place where the ocean tastes like tea in the summer of 13 as I recall. His hiring surprised most of us and made us say "Who?". This would soon be a theme of his work here in Phoenix.

Ryan starts his career here off with a bang, after drafting Alex Len and Archie Goodwin. He trades Jared "used to shoot the three" Dudley to the Clippers for Caron Butler and our beloved Eric Bledsoe. He has a huge mancrush on Butler, but it must have only been a literal crush because once Caron flounced around in our new Suns Uniforms, he was gone. The next move Ryan made was to trade Caron (saving us money) for Ish Smith and Slava Krastravioli. We ended up having great times with both these guys. Ish was very fast and could make lay ups, and Slava made that free throw that one time against the Knicks. We have to admit though, we all said "who are these guys?" at first.

What followed was a trade we thought might happen. Our second hardest working player of the 12-13 season. Luis Scola. The pacers wanted him, and they got him, but only for the price of two summer league stand outs (and a first round pick). Plumlee and Green. We were excited, we got Mason Plumlee, wait no we didn't, who did we get? Miles Plumlee. At the time we thought he would go nowhere really. Instead he was a solid player for the most part. To find out who Gerald Green was we had to look up youtube videos. We found out he was a dunkaholic, and we got to party with him all season long.

The last move in the 2013 summer was to trade Gortat, and dump a bunch of players we all hated (let's be honest) for a first round pick. Not my favorite move, but at the time seemed like a pretty good trade. I would have done anything to get rid of Kendall Marshall at that point. I wasn't a believer. Don't forget that soon after or before (I forgot) he also signed Dionte Christmas, everybody's favorite Sun, (besides perhaps Shavlik Randolph).

All that turned into a 48 win season. We fell in love with Ol Big Ears because of it.

So far this summer, he drafted TJ Warren to which we all shouted to the TV; "Who is that? That's not Payne!". And I don't even know who else he drafted. Just kidding, but they are all mostly people that make us say who? And now in summer league Warren is already in beast mode and we love it.

Ryan also from what I can tell he offered millions upon millions to every big name player that was a free agent and would be good for our team. I think they all said no, because I've noticed they all signed with other teams. The only guy we got was Isaiah Thomas, who will make our dual point guard system work to perfection, and we got him for a steal of a price in my opinion.

And then last night, Anthony Tolliver became a Sun. As soon as we saw he was signed, it made us all say a familiar phrase.

I personally have no clue what Ryan "Maverick" Mcdonough is doing. We do know that he will continue to make us say who? a LOT. That's okay though. He knows what he's doing. He's better than the average analyst out there that tell us to draft whatever player we're supposed to draft. If you feel unsure of what he's doing, just think back to all the draft picks, signings, and trades the Spurs have done over the last ten years, a lot of those moves have made me say "Who is that guy?". Hopefully the Suns are doing things in a similar way, because the Spurs have been doing good the last 15 or so years.

Trust the Maverick. Just have your google search engines ready to figure out who the heck it is that he just signed or traded for. We can make all the predictions we want about the rest of the summer, but I don't think we have a clue what Ol Big Ears is thinking.

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