Will Mc Miracle strike twice??

Will history repeat it self??

lets talk about history...

Last year our brainy staff decided on a trade that would help the Los Angeles Clippers get a player and in turn help us get an asset.

We got Bledsoe they got J.J Reddick they were some other moving parts as well but we struck out and got an future player who McD says will match any offer he receives.

Fast forward a year I was thinking how we can make a similar trade this year and this is what I came up with.

The Suns Trade for Carlos Boozer's last year contract at $16,800,000 and the draft right to Nikola Mirotic, maybe we can send them the morri or a future draft picks in next years draft.

Reports are the Chicago Bulls are looking for a team to take the Carlos Boozer contract off of them because their owner/front office do not want to use the amnesty on him because reports are the owners is frugal who just recently went into the luxury tax. Maybe because he owns two teams: Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox.

Also another reason for the team is their pursuit of Carmelo Anthony. Rumours are Coach Tim Thibodeau and Noah are trying to recruit him.Just the other night the Houston Rockets Send Omer Asik to the New Orleans
Pelicans for a future 1st round pick. the Houston Rockets are clearing Cap Space to make a run at Carmelo Anthony.

Rose Butler C.Anthony Gibson and Noah and players can make a serious run at the top of the crappy eastern conference and to the NBA finals.

If the trade goes down we get Carlos Boozer (32 years old, 33 in November,6' 9& 266 lbs) for a year. maybe we can flip him to another team (like we did Caron Butler) or keep him for the season. His stats least year were 13.7ppg and 8.3rpg in 28.2 mins per game.

The asset for the trade would be Nikola Mirotic. A player born in Spain playing in Europe for Real Madrid Basketball team. He is 23 years old, his birthday is in February listed at 6'10 and 236lb and is described as a stretch 4 kind of player. Ala a European Kevin love type player with less rebounding and We know on the website how 90% of you would like to acquire Kevin Love.

he has a buyout here are some details about it :

Here are some details about his play:

Here are his FIBA stats: In 9 Games his Averaged 27 points 10 Rebounds and 1.4 Assist and 1.4 Blocked Shots

The thing to remember is this can be a win win in terms of we get a player who should have been a Phoenix Sun in the first place as he was the Pick that was sent to the Rockets for the Goran Dragic trade which was traded a few more times where it ended up in Chicago and it comes down to who wouldn't want to clear up a Lance Blanks Mistake.

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