5 Player to Watch for Suns Summer League

In a few days Las Vegas Summer League begins, and the Suns younger players will all return to action. The team’s full roster has already been released, and we know who will be joining the Suns in Vegas. Although a lot of the players on the team will not make the 2014 roster, here a few to look forward to watching in Vegas.

PG Tyler Ennis

Tyler Ennis was taken by the Suns with the 18th overall pick in the draft, and although the Raptors have found an interest in trading for him, it seems that Ennis will remain as a Sun. Ennis will start for the Suns in Summer League and it will be his first chance for the 19 year old to adjust to the NBA. Ennis is a great all-around player on offense and has shown skill in his shooting from anywhere on the court. But he does struggle on the defensive end. Syracuse used a tight zone defense that is very different from anything that you will see in the NBA. In the Zone defense, Ennis could afford to get beaten off of a dribble, or leave a man more room as someone else would most likely pick up his man. But in the NBA he will have to play better on ball defense, or he will be burned often and allow easy points. Ennis does have a 6’5 wing span, which his larger than his height of 6’2, which will significantly help him on that end. Ennis looks like a promising prospect that may be able to come off the bench and make and impact behind Dragic and Bledsoe this season.

SG Archie Goodwin

Archie Goodwin had an impressive year last season both in his time in the NBA and for his D League Bakersfield team. Goodwin in the most promising prospect that the Suns have, he has already shown that he is an amazing defender, and he is great with the ball and can drive and cut to the basket with ease for easy buckets. He is also known for having great work ethic and has a lot of ambition to one day be a star in the NBA. If he can work on his three point shooting and add that to his game over the off season then he will be a threat for the Suns, and will be a great 6th man.

SF T.J. Warren

T.J. Warren had an amazing season for NC State last year, winning ACC Player of the Year over #2 overall pick Jabari Parker, and was one of the NCAA’s top scorers throughout the season. Warren can score from all around the court. He shot around 50% and averaged around 25 points a game. He was a valuable and versatile scorer in his college career and Warren hopes to translate that into NBA success. While the Suns mainly rely on the three point shot in order to score, Warren usually looks to score from 10-15 foot range. This adds versatility to the Suns offense, and will make a team think twice before putting majority of their defensive effort on the perimeter. He isn’t the best defender, but he is still better than Ennis, and could possibly be the steal of the draft.

C Miles Plumlee

Miles Plumlee will be the best and most experienced player on the Suns summer league roster. Plumlee started for a good part of last season at Center, and seeing as majority of his opponents will be rookies and younger free agents, he should look like the Dwight Howard of summer league. But there is room for improvement for Plumlee. The only shots in his arsenal are hook shots and layups, which for the most part miss anyways. His size helps out a lot on the inside, but he is too reliant on out muscling and out sizing his opponents on the offensive end, and if he is taking on a player who is bigger than him, than he has to rely on his poor mid-range shooting. Against the weaker opponents of summer league he can develop his skills not only shooting, but boxing out to be a better player on the offensive side.

C Alex Len

Alex Len has the size and wingspan unmatched by anyone else on the Suns, and only by few in the NBA. Len also has a pretty good skill set. He is a great rebounder and has a better jump shot then Plumlee. He had a bit of injury trouble last year and can sometimes be a loose cannon, but if he gets his act together and stays healthy, he is on track for a great NBA future and will challenge Miles Plumlee for playing time this season.

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