Phoenix Suns Commentary

Solar Flares: 7/1 Lebron, 'Melo, and the Draft


So the NBA Draft was last week, and that would certainly be news enough, but have you heard these free agent rumors?  That's right Ryan Hollins is out there!  If nothing else he can provide a...

Roster Roulette: Who will the Suns keep in 2014?


Free agency is nearly upon us. With the Phoenix Suns looking to be major players, there is almost no way last season's roster remains intact. What are the odds of your favorite Sun remaining in...

LeBron, Love and Bledsoe = SunsBomb!


You thought the Phoenix Suns would be happy with just getting second tier guys? Think again.


The Warren Report: Feeling Melo

T.J. Warren can fill up the cup. His offensive game is calculated, or as Hornacek said "methodical", and his focus at the rim is impeccable. He wasn't the kid most of us hoped to draft, but I am...

Market for Bledsoe could be secondary


Any number of 20 different teams would likely love to have Eric Bledsoe. The only teams who don't want him would be those with All-Stars or young studs already in place. But as of yet, no team has...

Draft Day Checklist: Bledsoe, Frye and Cap Space


The new fiscal year clock does not roll over until next Tuesday, July 1. Until then, the Suns are still operating under the 2013-14 salary cap rules and player contracts.

Solar Flares: 6/24 Draft Week Disagreements!


Draft talk is all the rage these days.  Keep the picks, trade the picks, Kevin Love, power forward, guards despite the the apparent interest in keeping both Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic long...


If you could only keep one...

I am perturbed. Actually, squeamish. These next few weeks are of the utmost importance for both the Sun's immediate and long term success. I have faith in Ryan McDonough. The Stone Cold McStunner...

Suns rebuild vs. other rebuilds


The Suns got a fast start to their rebuild compared to other teams, but the speed of the rebuilding leaves the team with unique challenges compared to contemporary rebuilding efforts.


Goran Dragic's Basketball Camp

We all know The Dragon is anything but off court. With his kind hearted spirit, family man attitude and good sense of humour, he's everything a fan could ask for in his/her favourite athlete. This...

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