Phoenix Suns Commentary

Report Card: Eric Bledsoe's rise to stardom


When the Phoenix Suns surprised everyone in the NBA by masterminding the trade that brought them Eric Bledsoe, the internets exploded with hugely positive Suns transaction news for the first time...

Another Bledsoe-type deal should be targeted


After pulling off a great coup last summer in getting Eric Bledsoe, the Phoenix Suns have enough assets to do the same kind of deal again.


Free Agency: Is anyone better than Tucker?

In today's league, (advanced) stats play a more and more important role. While being no substitute for actually watching the games and players, they can offer valuable additional insight. So in an...

Report Cards: Len frustrated, looking forward now


Alex Len comes from what was maybe the worst draft in a decade. When Mason Plumlee, he of 7.4 and 4.4 rebounds per game, is a finalist for Rookie of the Year, it was a bad year for rookies.

Suns could have done serious damage in playoffs


The Suns were done in by injury this season, losing Eric Bledsoe for 39 games and Goran Dragic at the end for a small handful of season-deciding games. What damage could the Suns have done in the...


Benches, ninjas and a poll

Which low-priced&good role players might be available as free agents this offseason? Boston's James Posey, Lakers' Trevor Ariza, Dallas' DeShawn Stevenson, Spurs' Patty Mills and many others....

Report Cards: Chief Kieff's very good season


Phoenix Suns forward Markieff Morris rose from an also-ran on an also-ran team to one of the best bench players in the entire league. He has earned strong consideration for the league's Most...

Return of the Sunday Buffet - NBA Playoffs Style


After years in hibernation, the Sunday Buffet is returning (at least momentarily) to the internets: a veritable plethora of basketball thoughts for your Sunday morning consumption.

Love is complicated


The Phoenix Suns want to supplement their team with a top-10 NBA talent this summer, such as Minnesota's Kevin Love. But how far would they go in that pursuit?


Bledsphemy – trading Eric Bledsoe? Poll included!

Hello, welcome to my second (fan)post. Thanks for stopping by and for your time. I look forward to your comments and hopefully to a great debate. For any errors I apologize and welcome any factual,...

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