Phoenix Suns Commentary


Impact of Suns Hybrid Affiliation with Jam

As many of you know, the Suns recently entered into a single-affiliation relationship with the Bakersfield Jam, meaning they oversee and fund all of the Jam’s basketball operation. For a young...

For Longabardi, it's only a matter of time


After years of proving himself as an assistant on the sideline, Phoenix Suns' Mike Longabardi is one step away from taking over an NBA team as their new head coach.

Trade chips not as shiny as Suns had hoped


The Phoenix Suns were supposed to be entering the 2014 offseason with multiple top-10 picks and an All-Star caliber point guard headlining any trade packages for a star. But what they actually have...


Gerald Green is better than "That Guy"

Free agent, draftee, or in-house pup. Gerald Green is just better for the Phoenix Suns. Now that the absolute joke NBA Lottery has come and gone, the basketball world can move things...

Yahoo: Wolves ready to talk Love, Suns knocking


Yahoo! Sports reports that the Wolves are ready to listen to offers for Kevin Love. The Phoenix Suns want Kevin Love badly. But do they have the right assets, without giving up their entire future...


Draft: Vonleh, Payne vs. Morrii, Frye, Love, etc

I have compiled a simplified table comparing the 2014 NBA Draft Combine measurements and Athletic Testing results of several Power Forward Prospects with the tested results of some top NBA PFs, a...

Ready for an all-PG lineup?


The Phoenix Suns have been at the Draft Combine for two days now. In that time, they have apparently met with 4 combo guards and no one else.

Could Zoki join Gogi?


After entering into a one-to-one affiliation with the Bakersfield Jam, the Phoenix Suns have much more opportunity to deepen their team with prospects like Zoran Dragic.

Sunblast: Tucker, Dragic, McD, best all-time team


This week's Phoenix Suns mailbag is chock full of interesting questions. We go from P.J. Tucker's shoes to Ryan McDonough's mind, but the best topic might be constructing a best-ever Suns team that...

SunsBlast Coming Soon: Get your questions in!


Toss us your Suns questions, and the Bright Side of the Sun staff will answer the best ones in a weekly SunBlast mailbag.

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