Phoenix Suns Weekend Links: Phil said what?


OMG will this series start already! Any more time and Ron Artest will be proposing to Diana Taurasi while sporting pink hair and a wedding dress. On the other hand, the longer this drags on, the...

Phoenix Suns Beat LA Links: Beat LA


I have nothing to say. Here's the links. Check back later and I might have come up with something to write about. Maybe not. You never know. Glad I don't get paid by the word.   I wouldn't read too...

Phoenix Suns Victory Lap Links


I am without words. Certainly, I have no words that haven't already been spoken again and again. To SWEEP the Spurs and win games by going ugly ... This team is incredible and they just keep...

Phoenix Sweeps Daily Sweep Links: Where Sweeping on Mother's Day is Gooooood


Happy Mother's Day to my lovely wife, mother of my children. To my mother, mother of me and my siblings. To my mother-in-law, mother to my lovely wife and to Mrs. Dragic, mother to Goran Dragic. S...

Phoenix Suns Hot Links: Only The Smoke Monster Can Save The Spurs


Things are heating up here in Phoenix, and by that I mean the outside temperature, which is now over 90 and will stay that way until October. The good news there is that the snow birds will leave...

Daily Poll: How Will the Suns Do in San Antonio?


I am not one given to hyperbolic over-exaggeration. EVER! I NEVER EVER DO THAT!! But I didn't see how the Spurs were going to win this series going in, and after two games, I am obviously even more...

Phoenix Suns Daily Links: The Lost Manu and Grant Quotes


Here's a couple of good quotes from last night that I didn't see anyone else publish anywhere... "I think they are just playing better defense. They hustle more. They scramble. They improve in...

Phoenix Suns Daily Links: Game 1 Wrap Up


Are Suns fans over confident? Probably..... NOT!!! Just kidding :) I think we are properly confident. Surviving a nightmare collapse in Game 1 plus the laws of basketball gravity (size matters)...

Phoenix Suns Daily Links: Where This Series Can't End Soon Enough


Rabid Blazers fans and my ill-conceived baiting them aside, I've really be surprised by the way Portland has handled this series. Canzano might be the poster-boy for whining, but he's not the only...

Phoenix Suns Playoff Links: Amare Got Traded Where?


I am just going to get out of the way and let these links speak for themselves. Amar'e Stoudemire Still Trying To Find Out Where He Was Traded To | The Onion - America's Finest News SourcePHOENIX...

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