TimberWolves "insider" on KLove proposal


"For the love of this Summer of Love, call up Phoenix and ask them for Markieff Morris, the 14th pick, the Lakers’ 2015 pick, and the Wolves’ pick owed in 2015 (top 12 protected in 2015 and 2016, otherwise it becomes second round picks in 2016 and 2017). Get cap relief, get a real young asset on the cheap, and get draft picks. Don’t get David Lee. It’s literally not worth it." - CBS Zach Haper (@talkhoops)

Via A Wolf Amoung Wolves

What they are saying about the Suns:


"You wouldn't want to face the Suns in Scrabble, Parcheesi, Monopoly, Hearts, seven-card stud and definitely not Risk. Can you imagine how quickly Eric Bledsoe would conquer Australia? Would you really want to endlessly tussle with the Morris Twins for control of the Middle East?"

Media Row Report: Suns 109, Blazers 93 - Blazer's Edge

With the 13th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns select....


Let's hope we decide what to do with our season before this happens again. I really do not think we are a playoff team, and at best, just a 9th seed.



"A lot people, they really don't believe in Phoenix. I think they're a pretty good team.''

Tony Parker, after the Spurs outlasted the Suns

McDonough via Coro


"Trading Caron Butler has nothing to do with the Beasley situation," McDonough said. "We thought this was a good deal for basketball reasons. I’d imagine over the next week or so we would have resolution (regarding Beasley)."

Phoenix Suns trade Caron Butler to Milwaukee Bucks for Ish Smith, Slava Kravtsov

Archie Goodwin on dropping in draft


"Now every team that didn’t pick me, I’ve got to give them hell."

Goodwin to SLAM Online

Suns are Optimistic for Channing Frye's Return


"We’re optimistic that he’ll be with us and playing," [Suns GM Ryan McDonough] said of Frye. "Channing wants to play and the results he has gotten have been good. Obviously, we just want a consensus."

Brett Pollakoff, NBC Sports

Beasley's last chance


"If Beasley doesn’t answer this wake-up call, he won’t be afforded another chance. He is fortunate the NBA is not the non-guaranteed-contract world of the NFL. It’s the only reason he has a job today."

Jeff Caplan,

Archie Goodwin earns praise


7. Archie Goodwin, No. 29, Suns I love this guy. He's the youngest player in Summer League, and up close, he looks the part, with a boyish face, clearly-underdeveloped shoulders and an expression that always makes it seem like he's out of place. Meanwhile, he was the most fearless player at the tournament, throwing his body around against guys several years his senior and finishing more successfully than several top prospects. He showed a knack for slipping around defenders to get to the basket

The top 60 rookies of the 2013 NBA Summer League, led by Cody Zeller and Kelly Olynyk -
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