Barkley on the Suns GM job


"I don’t know Lon [Babby] and I don’t know Robert [Sarver] that well. Robert has always treated me good, but the notion that I will let Lon and Robert tell me about basketball players that’s not going to happen. I can tell you that right now."

Charles Barkley talks Suns GM opening, needing "another challenge" |

GM Candidates List!


The GM search began this week with the Suns considering Milwaukee assistant GM Jeff Weltman (a finalist in 2010 when Blanks was hired), former Indiana Pacers GM and Arizona graduate David Morway and former Lakers assistant GM Ronnie Lester. Assistant GMs Ryan McDonough (Boston), Wes Wilcox (Atlanta) and Troy Weaver (Oklahoma City) are potential candidates too.

Phoenix Suns want general manager who will save franchise

Great article on athletes and taxes


"I never expect fans to feel sympathetic about it," O’Neal said. "We should pay taxes like everybody else. We should pay more because we make more. I voted for President Obama, but I knew his focus was to come after people like myself. The majority of our country is struggling. If you have to pay more taxes to bring down the deficit and spread the wealth, I’m all for it. I’m blessed to make a lot of money."

Phoenix Suns players discuss heavy state, local taxes

Interesting note on Dragic signing


Some Suns brass favored Felton, but Managing Partner Robert Sarver interceded to negotiate with Dragic in the US Airways Center parking garage while Eric Gordon was being wooed inside the building.

Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic is team’s ray of hope

Grant Hill nears the end


"This will probably be it," Hill said. "I have committed myself to not making any decisions until I get to the end of the year, like I've done the last three or four years, but this is probably it. "My body and also my mind are in agreement on this."

NBA - Grant Hill in his own words - ESPN

Suns ripped for improper tanking


Eventually, cluelessly obvious teams like the Suns are going to ruin it for all the teams (like the current Magic and Cavaliers) who are actually a bit suave about their tanking. So yes: Phoenix can't even lose properly. Well done, y'all!

The Suns are unabashedly tanking -

Kerr confirms Suns had deal for Curry!


"The deal was contingent, on our end, on Curry being there," former Suns GM Steve Kerr told Arizona Sports 620's Burns and Gambo Friday. "And when he was still there, we were under the impression that we had a deal and unfortunately in the NBA, and I'm sure in every sport, nothing's done until the trade call is made so it fell through after that," he said. "We looked at him as our next Steve Nash."

Former Suns GM: Team thought it had a draft night deal with Warriors for Stephen Curry

Why do the Suns have the most expensive beer?


The most expensive beers in the NBA can be found in New York and Phoenix where the Knicks and Suns charge their fans $9.00 per beer.

The Most Expensive Beer In The NBA Is Sold By The Knicks And Suns [SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY] - Business Insider

Best recipes on the internets


In addition, yesterday news broke that Ikea had found horse meat in their Swedish meatballs sold in Europe. I was honestly impressed they were using real meat; I expected ground up lingonberries, particle board, and a puréed orange FLÜRM. People on Twitter were aghast at the mere thought of something so disgusting as eating horse meat.

Spilly's Hoosier meatballs -

Lopez Twins Battle


Brook Lopez says his brother Robin is the "worst player in the NBA." Robin Lopez will hear none of it. "I've got the family in town; got my mom rooting for me," Robin told New Orleans writer Jimmy Smith. "Hopefully it goes my way. I'm the younger one. Everybody goes for the baby . . . . and I'm better and I'm more lovable."

In battle of Lopez twins, expect strangeness ... and you won't be disappointed. - NetsDaily
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