Phoenix Suns Commentary

Monroe = Too Slow


The Phoenix Suns are rumored to be considering extending an offer sheet to the Detroit Piston's RFA Greg Monroe. They shouldn't.

Game of Minutes - someone is getting squeezed


The Phoenix Suns now have 15 players on their roster, all of whom will want playing time next year. How will the Suns work that out?

Breakdown with Frye brings back old memories


It appears that, above all else, money talks. And the Phoenix Suns offered a lot less than the Orlando Magic offered, causing Channing Frye to bolt the desert for the greener pastures of Orlando.

Solar Flares 7/22: Bled, Tolliver, Barkley Golfs

I looked for information regarding how the Suns Summer League slate concluded.  I found nothing.  In other news: The pride of Kickapoo High School is officially a Phoenix Sun. The Lakers are...

Randle, Hill for Bledsoe is not in works


I don't usually post rumors on here, but this one is intriguing and comes from an unlikely source who is not in the business of making stuff up. Jon Bloom as a Suns broadcaster for KTAR, doing...

Bledsoe, Suns at impasse created by the NBA


Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe wants a lot of money. The Suns want to pay him a lot of money. But the Suns have to consider the ramifications of the CBA when limiting their offers to the...

The clean cap sheet, and what's next (a lot)


The Phoenix Suns have gotten deeper in talent but still have not added any top-end talent to a team in need of it to ascend solidly into the playoff picture in 2014-15.

Tolliver's place on the Suns roster


The newest Sun's sharp-shooting should serve him well in Phoenix.

Solar Flares 7/15: Suns All-Home Team, Lebron, Len


It's over.  We lost.  Or didn't you hear? But that's alright.  Because clearly Cleveland needed the King more than Phoenix did.  All over television, radio, and social media Cavaliers fans...


What's left to spend?

I see a fair few people on this board who are unsure of Phoenix's current salary situation, so I will break it down to make it easier on everyone. Salaries + Cap Holds (as they stand, assuming...


In defense of Channing Frye


Channing Frye is one of the most polarizing topics on Bright Side of the Sun, but all the numbers point to him being a huge loss for the Phoenix Suns.

Suns want to dictate outcome more than 34 times


While the Suns were exciting last year for all 82 games, they really only dictated the pace and ran their ideal system for 34 of those games. Signing Isaiah Thomas to supplement Goran Dragic and...

Thomas to the Suns actually makes a ton of sense


While the Suns are loaded at point guard, they appear to want to add to the treasure trove with yet another one, Sacramento's Isaiah Thomas.

Pre-Summer League practice notes


The Phoenix Suns held their final media session before heading off to Las Vegas to Summer League.

Roundtable: A Buffet of Goodness (and Realism)


In some other language, the name Channing Frye translates to 'Buffet of Goodness'. Now, Frye takes that Buffet to Orlando to help the young Magic grow up and become a playoff team.


Alec Brown: In the fast lane

A quick case to "fast track" Phoenix Suns prospect Alec Brown from unknown to asset. At the 2014 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns selected Alec Brown in the second round, pick number 50, out...

Solar Flares: 7/8: LeBron, Bledsoe, Frye, Cupcakes


It's official like a referee with a whistle.  The LeBron James sweepstakes is heating up. Unless of course, Robert Sarver, Lon Babby, and Ryan McDonough all happen to summer in Cleveland.  At the...

Hey LeBron, Bob ain't so bad


Robert Sarver is typically hated by most Suns fans, and might be holding Phoenix back from landing LeBron James. But Sarver might not be a big as a cheapskate as you might think.

Might Bosh force LeBron out of Miami?


In order for Miami's plan to work, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade must take 40-50% pay cuts. Recent rumors have Chris Bosh being uninterested in taking such a pay cut, which might lead to his exodus...

So you're saying there's a chance, LeBron?


According to many reports, the Phoenix Suns are still in this thing. There's a chance that LeBron will take the logical route and go to a team on the rise who just needs a star to get them into the...

Free Agent Profile: Gordon Hayward loves Phoenix


Gordon Hayward is one of the best free agents on the market, and had a great relationship with his former coach Jeff Hornacek. Will the Suns make a big offer?

Free Agent Profiles: Lance Stephenson


You either love him or hate him

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel


We've covered most of the big name free agents, but sometimes the success of a team's off-season isn't determined by the sexy signings but the value signings. Who might some of those values be...

While money flies out of pockets, Suns stay quiet


While middling players get big pay days, the Phoenix Suns are in a holding pattern.

Suns face lots of "Plan B" competition in FA


The Suns have officially entered the LeBron James sweepstakes, but the unfortunate reality is that only one team can land his talents... which will result in a mass initiation of "Plan B" across...


T.J. Warren brings finishing skills, diversity

Allow me to add my thoughts on TJ Warren to the many others on this forum. I hope you enjoy it. But first: props to for predicting that the Suns would select him at #14 in their...

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