Phoenix Suns Commentary

Suns Swag: Gorilla Swag, Phantom Championship


Your 1993 NBA Champion Phoenix Suns

Failed lotto reform impact on Suns


The NBA fully expected to be able to pass lottery reforms this week, but the Phoenix Suns were one of 13 teams to surprisingly vote "no" on the proposition that would have improved middling lottery...

Injuries impacting rotation battles


The Phoenix Suns began the preseason with no less than 15 guaranteed contracts plus a walk-on (Earl Barron) playing well enough to make the team as an in-case-of-emergency backup center. The Suns...

Ranking the NBA: The Centers


How do the various centers in the NBA grade out?

Did the Suns commit to the Mo Bros too soon?


The Suns' frontline is at once too thin and overcrowded at the moment. Signing the Morris twins to four-year contract extensions a full season early might only compound the situation.

Solar Flares: Earl Barron Makes Case, Len Returns


The season is right around the corner. Hang in there.



No one knows quite what to make of the Phoenix Suns' three-headed guard rotation.

Suns Swag: The Ertl Car


J-Chill and Socks.

Take two: Glass Joe vs. Gumby


Alex Len and Nerlens Noel had forgettable rookie seasons. Len was limited due to ankle injuries while a torn acl completely shut down Noel. Now they look to make an impact in season two... and gain...

Suns will go small a lot this season


The Colangelos will recognize the makeup of this Phoenix Suns team because it emulates the formula of 46 years of Suns basketball to a T.


Solar Flares: Preseason Goals, Rotational Balance


The season is almost here. Hang in there.

Going Gorilla: Getting Squeezed


While Suns fans have already witnessed some flashes of potential from rookie T.J. Warren and some... of Tyler Ennis, don't be surprised if you don't see much of them once the regular season rolls...


Usage Rates will lead to Efficient Chaos

There is high excitement and lofty expectations amongst both fans in the valley and fans speckled across the nation/globe. I would say a majority of that excitement is pertaining to the Suns' three...

Suns Swag: Our Cheapest Autograph Yet


Ten more gems to help you blow the paycheck.


The Bogdan Files - preseason primer

Good day to you, good people I've decided to make a "pre-season" Bogdan video collection post, so here's a video collection of Bogdan videos you may have or have not seen and you might find...

#SUNSRANK Enters The Top 10... It. Gets. Real.


Who doesn't like a good nonsensical ranking in the pre-season? Well, this is for you...

#SUNSRANK 16-11: Digging Into The Rotation


Who doesn't like a good nonsensical ranking in the pre-season? Well, this is for you...

Solar Flares: Hazing, Theme Nights, Dream Job


Tuesday's back with all the Suns news you may have missed.

TV Deal to triple, raising salary cap by 50%?


If the rumors are true, the Phoenix Suns are in good position as league revenues for TV broadcasts triple in the next two years.

Trade Grades: Where old and new get passing grades


Over the past 12 months, the Phoenix Suns have risen from the ashes of their worst period of basketball since the inception of the team more than 40 years ago. Much of that success is on the back...

Suns Swag: Bonus Swag


Twice as much Suns Swag!

Ball Up Star G Smith on Bledsoe, Suns


Phoenix native and famed streetballer G Smith offers his take on the Phoenix Suns' 2014/15 season.

Cousins rips Thomas, but Suns love him


Former teammate DeMarcus Cousins is taking potshots at new Suns point guard Isaiah Thomas. That's nothing new to the diminutive Thomas.

Solar Flares: Zoran Dragic Is a "Dirty Player"


Must have Suns news.

Media Day is here! Leave us your questions!


Finally, we get to hear some NEW info from the front office, coaches and players as they prepare to kick off the 2014-15 season with everyone under contract and then some. The Phoenix Suns...

BSOTS Season Preview: The art of Talent Evaluation


In the third part the Bright Side of the Sun season preview series, we break down the overall talent on the roster, but become tangled in semantics along the way.

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