Phoenix Suns Commentary

Film Study: Remember how good Eric Bledsoe is


Before we completely write off the union of Bledsoe and Dragic on the Phoenix Suns, let's recall just how good Eric Bledsoe was last year in his 38 games next to Dragic.

ESPN: Not even in the Top 10, among point guards


The Phoenix Suns are flush with point guards, considered by far the strength of the team. Yet none of them are projected to be in the league's Top 10 point guards for the 2014-15 season.

Solar Flares 8/19: Bledsoe, Morri, Suns Dancers

Who's to blame for the Eric Bledsoe contract dispute?

Trade ups: do they work?


Last year, Suns GM Ryan McDonough (seemingly) traded down in the Luis Scola trade. This year, he is likely looking to trade up. But how often do trade ups pan out?

Going Gorilla: Epic Rap Battles of History


In this Epic Rap Battles of History spoof Rollin Mason and I duel over the state of the Phoenix Suns offseason. Rollin takes the side of extolling the team's successes while I rail against the...

Tough second half sked won't make playoffs easy


After hurtling through the first "half" of the season to reach the All-Star Break, the Phoenix Suns will enter the final stretch of the season with just 28 games left to make the playoffs. End of...

It's a grind on the road


The last thing the Phoenix Suns want is to be out of the playoff picture by Christmas. But a road heavy schedule, including 24 road games vs. 16 home games, will provide a big test to their playoff...

Suns Swag: BledSolo

Five must have Suns gems on eBay.

Predictions! Guess the number of national games


On one hand, the number of national TV games your team is awarded by ESPN/ABC and TNT is a sign of respect. The more you get, the more they respect you. But on the other hand, I'm too old to be...

Solar Flares 8/12: Shaq's Naked Wrestling Contest


Watch out for the Shaqtus.


Contract Extensions now on table for 2011 Class


While NBA fans wonder what will happen to Eric Bledsoe, Greg Monroe and other unsigned NBA free agents, many front offices must now turn their attention to the next crop of potential restricted...

Film Study: Gerald Green's Heat Checks


Gerald Green is an interesting player to take a close look at. He's the ultimate hot and cold guy for the Suns. Last season he had 33 games shooting 50% or better and 26 games shooting under 40%....

Montrezl Harrell to the rescue in 2015?


Yes, the draft is not for another 11 months. But thanks to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Phoenix Suns are likely to have a lottery pick regardless of how they play this next season. To recap, the...

A summer of discontent


Welp. That one word sums up the 2014 off season so far for the Phoenix Suns. The upstart 48-win Suns entered the summer loaded with assets and ready to take that next step into the NBA elite, but...

Suns Swag: Posterized!


Five Suns posters to help you relive your youth.

Thanks for nothing, Minny


With the likely trade of Kevin Love to Cleveland, the Phoenix Suns can nearly close the books on 2012 with a sad thud (and bury said books alongside the 2011 and 2013 books). It appears as if the...

Phoenix Philm Study: Isaiah Thomas fits right in


The Suns' major offseason acquisition was Sacramento point guard Isaiah Thomas. How does he fit into Jeff Hornacek's system? The answer is "quite well."


Choose your dynasty warriors

Choose your Dynasty Warriors FACTORS: Age - Skill set - Talent Level - Contract - Versatility - Fan base Connection If things keep heading in this positive direction, the Phoenix Suns could...

Where are they now? Part 1


Ever wondered what happened to your favorite Phoenix Suns bench warmer or marginal miracle player? This series of articles will revisit some of Suns fans' beloved bench warmers from over the years...

Solar Flares 8/5: Bledsoe Talk, Killing Sacramento


More than a Phoenix Suns link dump. Phoenix Suns "must have" news.


Mythbusters: PJ and his awful transition offense

It is a common theme here on BSotS that PJ Tucker is AWFUL at leading a fast break. It's something I've never quite understood, in spite of having watched every game the Suns played this year,...

Film Study: The Suns collapse against the Spurs


Welcome to Film Study! We can all be as enamored as much we want by the Eric Bledsoe negotiations, but other than that, not much is happening. With that in mind, let's take a look at some film of...

Suns Swag: One of a Kind Suns Jerseys


Bogdan Bogdanovic was an architect.

In their own words: Have they done what they said?


The Phoenix Suns brass warned us of a few things at the end of the season. Let's review some of the most outstanding quotes to see how the summer has played out so far, as of the end of July. T...


What is the Value of each Sun?

Statistics are incredibly important in the NBA. They are important in talent evaluation, contract negotiations, but maybe most important to the casual fan in supporting or denying a particular...

King with Kenny and Crash


For those who love to listen to audio about the Phoenix Suns, here's a ten-minute interview with FoxSports910's Kenny and Crash yesterday. Since Gregg Popovich said last year that I looked like I...

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