Phoenix Suns Commentary

Draft and Free Agency Primer!

The Suns are in great shape going forward, with a 48-34 team and a ton of picks and cap space to add to the fun. Let's review what's to come this summer.

One. Game. Out. The Valley storyline.

Over the past four months, all three major sports franchises in the Phoenix metro area have come up just one game short of the playoffs, an ignominious feat that no one wants to repeat.

Was it better to miss the postseason?

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Justin Becker of You can follow him on twitter at @NBAFantasyInfo, and you can follow the Fantasy Basketball Money...


Many of the Phoenix Suns players set personal milestones in a year they might finish with the most wins by a non-playoff team in league history, since instituting a 16-team playoff format.

Suns are hotter than Dallas or Memphis

The Phoenix Suns are still picked to lose the battle for the playoffs vs. Memphis and Dallas, but a closer look at the numbers shows the Suns are the best of the three teams.


Should Gerald Green with Most Improved Player?

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Justin Becker of You can follow him on twitter at @NBAFantasyInfo, and you can follow the Fantasy Basketball Money...

Dragic could join Hornacek in 20/50/40 club

Goran Dragic is having a career year playing with coach Jeff Hornacek, who sees a lot of himself in Dragic as a player. Now, Dragic may join Hornacek in an exclusive scoring club that contains only...

To make playoffs, Suns need Tucker's toughness

On a team with the least playoff experience, by far, among of the Western Conference hopefuls, P.J. Tucker knows he has to bring his toughness and heart every night for the Suns to qualify for the...

Three-Way Tiebreak Rules

Taking a look at the tie break rules to make the playoffs, given that the Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies and Dallas Mavericks seems determined to finish with the same record.

Suns targeting little-known big man in Draft

When you make the playoffs, you don't get the high draft picks. Instead, you have to find your future stars in places that no one else is looking. The Phoenix Suns appear to be doing just that.


Thoughts on Suns Draft

What will the Suns do in the 2014 Draft? Without knowing if they will be in the lottery (that is, without knowing if they make the playoffs), it's hard to guess what they will do. But here are my...

Around the Association: True Tankers

While a ferocious battle is being waged in the Western conference as good teams fight to make the playoffs, an equally competitive race is being staged in the East, although the destination is a bit different.

What does the Stan say?

Where in you suffer through some random thoughts from a guy who used to think he had something useful to say about this team.

The Starter and the Closer

It seems like for the last week, it's impossible for any post on this site to go more than 10 comments before it somehow devolves into an argument between Channing Frye and Markieff Morris fanboys. I have good news for both sides: you're both right.

Playoff Race!

Recapping the NBA action affecting the Suns race for the playoffs.

Suns rise from ashes over and over again

Over and over again, the Phoenix Suns rise from the ashes to retake playoff position from more experienced teams as the season winds down. Today, the Suns are back into the 8th spot earlier than...


Can Suns make the playoffs?

With eleven games left in the regular season, the playoffs are creeping closer and closer. In the Eastern Conference, the race for the final seed seems to be a battle of attrition. However, in the...

SunBlast: Mailbag on Bledsoe, Goodwin, Free Agency

You've got tons of questions about the Phoenix Suns and we are here to answer them! Today's mailbag covers questions on the Suns defense, Eric Bledsoe's return, Archie Goodwin's potential, Shavlik...

Rest vs. Practice is a battle that's tough to win

At this late point in the season, good hard practices are few and far between. Getting needed rest to be fresh for games becomes paramount to drilling the schemes into the players between games...

Phoenix Phans in a Phunk? Phuhgeddaboudit!

Bummed about the 9th seed? Frustrated with defensive struggles? Phuhgeddaboudit. Let's take a minute to look at the BRIGHT SIDE of the 2013-14 season. We deserve it after last year's debacle!

SunBlast - get your questions in now!

Toss us your Suns questions, and the Bright Side of the Sun staff will answer the best ones in a weekly SunBlast mailbag.


Why Hornacek deserves COY

When people were predicting how the Suns would do this year at the beginning of the season, Phoenix decided not to listen to them. Before the season started, the Suns were expected to compete...

Doubt creeps in

After 63 games of playing to win, the Phoenix Suns find themselves playing not to lose as they cling to playoff hopes that once seemed like destiny.

Black Hole

Every NBA team has to deal with adversity and injury, each facing those issues at different points in the season. This is the Phoenix Suns time to face it, and how they recover will define this...


Suns ready to be playoff spoilers?

The Phoenix Suns currently sit in seventh place in the Western Conference. Their record is 36-25 with a 22-12 home record. If they make it to the playoffs, it would most likely be as a lower seed,...

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