Phoenix Suns: NBA Draft


Options for Suns in 2014 Draft

The Phoenix Suns have been a joy all season, defining what everybody should love about the NBA. The play of Goran Dragic is that of an MVP candidate, despite not being voted to the All-Star game....

Picks, Picks, Picks - When will they get here?

As many know, the Phoenix Suns could have as many as four first round picks in the 2014 draft, but three of them are "protected" if the other team fails to make the playoffs. Let's take a look at...


How many draft picks is too many?

Ed. note: pic added by editorial staff. Seems appropriate given the topic... "I think it can be difficult to bring in multiple guys at the same time position or similar position as rookies....

Franchise Players: The value of the Suns 2014 pick

The glamour of a franchise player is enticing. Teams and fans covet them. A presence that an organization will placate in hopes of long lasting relationship and the resulting inherent success. But is this a realistic proposition?

Scouts compare Len, Noel to Drummond, Davis,Others

It's been widely reported that the talent in the 2013 NBA Draft was much worse than in prior years. In this article, two NBA scouts rank the centers drafted in the last three years.

Twitter roundup: Suns draft reaction

Twitter is awesome. Let's take a look at the reaction from the rookies and some of their new teammates on Twitter.

Introducing Archie Goodwin - youth, talent, flaws

Picking as late as 29th in the first round of the NBA Draft is low-risk, low-reward proposition. With the selection of Archie Goodwin out of Kentucky, the Suns are taking a half-court shot with an...

Wrapping up the Suns' 2013 NBA Draft

Let's put a neat little bow on what exactly happened for the Suns in this year's draft.

Archie Goodwin Scouting Video - Draft Express

Draft Express scouting video on Suns 29th pick, Archie Goodwin.

Alex Len Scouting Video - Draft Express

Draft Express scouting video on Suns pick, Alex Len.


Goodwin to Suns at 29

This was the big trade. Reportedly, the Suns paid cash to move up one spot to get Goodwin.

Suns take Alex Len at No. 5!?


Rumor has Suns swapping picks with Kings

There's rumors swirling about what the Phoenix Suns might do with their fifth pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. The latest has them possibly moving back a few spots in a swap with the Kings.

Open Draft Thread (4pm AZ time, ESPN)

As the rumors swirl and picks unfold, let's discuss them right here.

Who are the Suns' "Elite Eight"? Let's decide

Phoenix Suns General Manager has said recently that he is still considering as many as 10 players for the #5 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. The other night, owner Robert Sarver said it was...

Noel to the Suns? No thanks

Phoenix Suns fans have been focused on guys like Victor Oladipo or Alex Len with the 5th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. But according to a Yahoo! Woj report, Nerlens Noel could fall to the Suns. Do you want him to?

Suns Draft Preview: Bennett, Crabbe, Rice Jr.

Bright Side's draft previews role on with three more players that might be donning the Purp... I mean Black and Orange come Thursday night.

Is McCollum a star in the making? Just maybe

Lehigh's combo guard C.J. McCollum is ranked just outside the Suns' draft position. But while public interest is focused on Michael Carter-Williams as a dark-horse #5 candidate, maybe this year's...

Bright Side 2013 Community Mock Draft: Grade time

After a whirling dervish of a mock that included 35 (yes, 35) trades I was implored, or maybe just asked in passing, to sift through the rubble and provide some quick grades. Due to my captious nature I'm sure you will all be thrilled with my takes.

Podcast 28: Draft preview edition

With one day left until the draft the podcast is draft centric. I know... shocking development. Kris and I talk risers, possible Suns' targets, possible trades, talent ceiling and overall expectations.

Shooting Guard of future a long time coming

Every day, the mocks change which affects who is available at the 5th overall pick for the Phoenix Suns. For the past two seasons - ever since December 2010 in fact - the Suns top need has been...

Solar Flares - One-Stop Rumor Shop!

Over the next seven days, rumors will fly faster than the Bright Side staff can type. Come here to see the latest rumors and post what you've seen as well. Let's make this the community new center!

Need vs. Best Player Available

In retrospect, the quality of an NBA team's draft is about having taken the best player at the slot they took them. Good isn't good enough if someone great was taken later. And bad looks better if...

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