Steve Kerr Moron Meter - Score Board

Here we will track all of the Genius and Moron Points awarded starting with the original award of one each...

Steve Kerr Moron Meter

...ivered. Mr. Kerr himself famously declared after The Trade that he would be judged either Moron or Genius based on the results. Now we have a way to keep score. Henceforth shall we have the Steve Kerr Mor...


Here comes Dramastache

Phoenix has long suffered an inferiority complex as a  7th city full of East Coast transplants that didn't quite have the chops to make it all the way to Los Angeles. So for us wh...


Blazers 1. Suns 11. Kerr Moron Meter +1. which the Blazers promptly shot to pieces. That's two Moron Points btw but he also gets a Genius Point for solving whatever was ailing the Suns achy breaky hearts. Chemistry has returned to P...


Remember those guards that had career nights?

...ats going off for 50 points last night. Ryansunsfan in the comments suggested that was worthy of a Genius Point for Kerr. It would be lovely for Suns fans to think that the days of getting lit up by D Wade,...


A 4th quarter the Suns almost didn't lose

...on the offensive end. Porter put the ball in his hands and he delivered the right pass. Again. Moron Meter As promised before the game, this one was going to earn Steve some points either way. You hav...


Shaq's Team comes up big over Grizz

...0-0 run in the final 4 minutes to close the game. Come to think of it, how can Kerr not earn a Genius Point for the two games Shaq just put together?


Re-evaluating GM Bryan Colangelo

...; I can respect that. So, in light of Toronto's condition, Phoenix Stan, I ask that you assign one Genius Point to GM Steve Kerr. [Note by Phoenix Stan, 01/04/09 10:15 AM PST ] So granted   &nbs...


Jason Richardson DUI arrest

Jan 5, 2009


moron point for kerr!

...wait! theres more! our offense, number 1 last year, is now number 4. Hell no.   KERR. IS. A. MORON. [Note by Phoenix Stan, 01/06/09 2:20 PM PST ] I initially resisted issuing a Moron Point for stat...



Shaq's Suns Maul Mavs: 128 - 100

...g to have to find a way to play like the super all-star he wants us to believe he is. Trophy Time Genius Point for Steve Kerr tonight. JRich, Hill, Barnes, Admundson and of course Shaq are all his guys. I...



How I became a true suns fan

...king him. He's a pretty cool dude. I meant to get to this sooner but have been busy... Steve Kerr Genius Point: Steve is going to get a Genius Point for this one. The Suns did a great job with the event...




Celts stomp Suns. Vote 4 Amare!

...teve Kerr. You didn't draft Amare. You didn't fail to rebound or shoot or play. But you still get a Moron Point for being the boss man of a team that sucked that bad. Somehow, I don't think you would argue...



D'Antoni takes his pound of flesh out of tired old hides after all. Besides, what are you going to do? Watch another team read another blog? Steve Kerr Moron Meter: You lose a game to a 16-24 team coached by the guy that you broke up with (or were dumped b...


Suns get clawed as they set into the moutains of cliches

...nce is too unforgiving to allow this kind of let down. You know the score Steve Kerr. You get two Moron Points for this one. One for Raja who's playing well for the Bobcats and one for Boris who's playin...


Suns crush Kings but will it save Amare's job?

...Moron Meter At the suggestion of RottPhiler in the comments we are awarding Steve Kerr with two genius points. The frist Genius Point is awarded for the classy way the Suns treated the Down Under Desti...


Monday morning hangover...

...ain) in only his 3rd month in town has to make for a bad day for Mr. Kerr. It also counts for three Moron Points on the old Steve Kerr Moron Meter. To be fair, having Shaq win the all star MVP does have...


The deal less traveled - Sarver checks in

...k O'Bryant trade. [Note by Phoenix Stan, 02/20/09 3:44 PM MST ] A little late - but Kerr gets a Genius Point for not making a trade. It seems pretty clear there were no good offers on the table and so s...



Suns Lakers rewatch...with Kobe smack down

...ugh of Taking Bad Shots" Barnes.   [Note by Mike Lisboa, 03/03/09 10:01 AM PST ] Steve Kerr Genius Point Awarded: In recognition for putting together an effective second team that's been allowing th...



Steve Kerr Moron Meter - Update

...ou new to the Bright Side of the Sun community? Have you wondered what in the heck that "Steve Kerr Moron Meter" is on the left side of the page? Lucky for you it's time for a quick update and since I kno...


Steve Kerr Moron Meter. Retired

...way to tease Steve Kerr's famous quote from immediately after the Shaq trade. "If it works, I'm a genius," Kerr said. "If it doesn't, I'm a moron, I guess." It was fun while it lasted, but picking over t...

13 Moron Points

9 Genius Points




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