Phoenix Suns: 2012-13 Player Reviews

P.J. Tucker: Diamond in the Rough?


Very little went right for the Suns in the 2012-13 season. But that didn't stop P.J. Tucker from taking advantage of his second chance and proving he belongs in the NBA.

Jared Dudley: Stay or Go?


Jared Dudley was one of the best Phoenix Suns players last year, yet his ceiling is a solid starter or great sixth man. Should Dudley be traded for youth, or should he be kept to help Jeff Hornacek...

2012-13 Player Review: Luis Scola


Luis Scola, like the other Suns' players, had to come to terms with his dissatisfaction over the debacle that was the 2012-13 season. So how did the cagey veteran perform amid the carnage?

2012-13 Player Review: Jermaine O'Neal


O'Neal entered the 2012-13 season as a grizzled veteran of 16 years in the NBA. The pounding of those seasons had taken a toll on his body and it appeared the former all-star was closer to the...

2012-13 Player Review: Diante Garrett


Diante Garrett is the epitome of a a player teeter-tottering between playing at the NBA level and working in an insurance office. What should the grading criteria be for a young fringe player?

2012-13 Player Review: Hamed Haddadi


Hamed Haddadi just finished his fifth NBA season while participating in 30 games, including 17 for the Phoenix Suns. Unfortunately, the 28 year old Haddadi, who just had a birthday on May 19th, had...

2012-13 Player Review: Shannon Brown


Shannon Brown endured a tough season. Not only was he involved with the Suns joining the dregs of the league, but he was also demoted as part of a youth movement and logged just 73 minutes in the...

Phoenix Suns 2012-13 Player Review: Marcin Gortat


Bright Side's season review series continues with a look at the abbreviated, yet sub-par season from center Marcin Gortat.

2012-13 Player Review: Marcus Morris


Morris was acquired by the Suns on February 21, 2013 for their 2013 second round pick (#34 overall). After showing signs of progress for the Houston Rockets through his first 54 games, the next 23...

2012-13 Player Review: Markieff Morris


Phoenix Suns' second year power forward Markieff Morris just finished his first season with a complete regimen of summer and preseason training after a shotgun start to his career following the...


2012-13 Player Review: Wesley Johnson


Coming into the 2012-13 season, the Phoenix Suns expected very little from Wesley Johnson. Initially, he delivered on that expectation. Later in the season Johnson showed flashes but also showed...

2012-13 player review: Kendall Marshall


During a largely forgettable season Kendall Marshall provided largely forgettable performances. Ironically, after being disintered from the end of the bench midseason he provided fodder that...


Michael Beasley's Offensive Season

Now that we've had a few days to process this season after its merciful end Wednesday night, it's time to look to the future, and who the Suns will target in the draft and free agency. However,...

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