Podcasts produced by Bright Side of the Suns

Podcast Ep.56: (Over)Reacting To The Draft Lottery


Yup, time for three guys to talk about a lottery and some basketball... Get your POPCORN!!! Oh, and it is always about Kevin Love here in Phoenix as you already know.

Amin on firefree agency, draft, Len, Goodwin, more


Podcast #55 is a super-sized affair with more than an hour of great insights from a former Phoenix Suns front office member and current ESPN columnist, Amin Elhassan.

Podcast 54: Clipper Steve Joins The Show!!!


Hey, look... A podcast!

Podcast 53: Dragic. Curry. Analytics. Two Guests.


The 80's and Volkswagen are both going to appreciate the intro to this weeks podcast, which only gets better as you listen to it thanks to our two special guests... Give it a listen, will ya?

Suns podcast with Lottery Mafia


Bright Side had a great opportunity to talk about the Phoenix Suns this week on a podcast with the Lottery Mafia. During the podcast, we talk about all manner of this season's Suns.

BSOTS Podcast 52: Danny Granger + Bledsoe = ???


So much podcast goodness just one click away... We talk a lot about this guy in the picture above for some reason. Is that Bones "Hakim" Warrick?

Podcast 7: The return of Two Time


Podcast 7: Phoenix Suns host the Los Angeles Lakers. Nash returns to Phoenix. We talk Nash, D'Antoni, Stoudemire, Kobe, Lakers playoff hopes, doormats and tradition.

Podcast 6.5: When one podcast just isn't enough


Phoenix Suns Podcast 6.5. Kris and I give our early reviews (very early) of Lindsey Hunter's coaching style and prowess, talk about cataclysmic franchise reboots and take a look at the weekend's...

Podcast 6: Featuring the Frye Guy


Channing Frye joins Kris and me to discuss his activities this season and the state of the Suns. We follow that up by recapping some of the chaos from the last week stemming from the coaching change.

Podcast #6: providing prognoses for sickly Suns


Phoenix Suns talk. Week in review, improving defense/regressing offense, a possible youth movement and what may happen during vacation time (one game in nine days).


Suns Podcast #5: Revenge of the Seth


Kris and I review the previous week, debate the Suns (improved?) defense and discuss the impact of PJ Tucker's reassignment to the starting lineup. Seth Pollack (yes, THE Seth Pollack) joins us.

Podcast #4: Suns sink in standings


The Suns begin the new year with old problems. The fourth installment of the Suns podcasts for the 2012-13 season takes a look back and a look ahead.

Podcast 3: surprising Suns steal show


The Suns best week of the season provides some optimism moving forward and gives us a chance to bestow some rare praise after a sluggish start.

Podcast 2: where we bring it, since the Suns can't


The second podcast this season about the Phoenix Suns explores recent and future games, current events and where the Suns rank among the rank and file.

Return of the Podcast, feat. Jim and Kris


The inaugural podcast of the season covers a variety of topics from the Suns horrible perimeter defense to the lack of top flight, and overall, talent.

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